Importance of Creating a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule

Keeping your home spic and span is a bit more involved that remembering to vacuum every once in a while. And for those of you who hate cleaning, we have some tips for you. In order to keep your home sparkling, and to avoid those monthly deep-cleans once your home is too far gone for a simple wipe down, you’ll need just one thing: a cleaning schedule.

The benefits of a cleaning schedule are many. It’ll help you stay organized and remember to clean those often-forgotten spots in your home that end up looking like a big mess when ignored for six months.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits you’ll experience if you implement a cleaning schedule in your home.

Get Your Home Under Control With a Cleaning Schedule

If you don’t regularly clean, but you want to work it into your daily habits to avoid those all-encompassing Saturdays spent scrubbing, a cleaning schedule is a great place to start.

Come up with either a daily or day-by-day list of items. You can schedule out your whole first month, if you’d like. If you prefer the day-by-day style, first list the things that need to be done each day, like making the bed, unloading the dishwasher, and wiping down the counters. Then, add your weekly chores: vacuuming, dusting, laundry. Then, your monthly: cleaning out the fridge, wiping down the cabinets, dusting the baseboards. You can even add yearly chores, like de-cluttering and sweeping the garage.Keep Your Home Under Control With a Cleaning Schedule

  • If you prefer a list of items to tackle each day, work out a Monday through Saturday schedule. Mondays can be for bedrooms and living rooms, Tuesdays for bathrooms, Wednesdays for the kitchen. If you have a regular evening activity on Friday, skip that night and double up on another. Combating the mess one day at a time will help you get your home’s cleanliness under control.

Check out Clean Corp’s cleaning schedule suggestions for some inspiration on what you should be cleaning daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Keep Your Home Under Control With a Cleaning Schedule

Once you cycle through your first month of the cleaning schedule, your home will feel clean and the mess will be easy to maintain: half of the battle of keeping a clean home is getting into the routine of cleaning it. By working tasks like vacuuming into your weekly schedule, cleaning will become second nature and won’t feel so much like a chore.

  • Better Homes & Gardens suggests blocking out time on your calendar weekly or daily that should be dedicated to your task-of-the-day. This is a great way to get used to your new cleaning schedule, and to make sure that there’s enough time scheduled out in the week in order to complete everything on your list.

Prevent Big Pile Up Messes With a Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule will help you maintain the mess throughout the month: you’ll be doing a little bit each day to make sure things stay clean, which means you won’t have to do a full cleaning of your entire home at any point during the month. Instead, you’re tackling it piece by piece e and keeping the mess under control.

  • Of course, your cleaning schedules may change depending on the time of year: if you have family coming to stay with you during the holidays, adjust your cleaning schedule at least 2 weeks out to make time for working in the extra washing and cleaning you’ll need to do. Instead of running around the day before the relatives knock on the door, you’ll have taken care of everything already in the days preceding their visit.

Share the Cleaning Tasks With a Cleaning Schedule

Share Cleaning Tasks With a Cleaning Schedule Cleaning schedules are also great for families, because it makes each task its own specific thing—which means it’s easier to ask the kids to pitch in. Help your kids choose a weekly and monthly task that they will be responsible for, in addition to the usual chores like picking up after themselves and taking the dog for a walk. Establish that those items will be your child’s responsibility: help him or her plan the best day of the week to take care of the chore, and make sure he or she follows through with it.

  • After a while, you can start to ask your family to pitch in more regularly on some of the cleaning tasks. Once they get into a routine with a particular task, it’ll become second nature and you won’t have to nag them to remember to do it!

And remember that your first month on a cleaning schedule is a trial run. If something doesn’t work, change it! Our lives are packed with activities and responsibilities, so it’s important to make sure that your cleaning schedule works for you.

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