Using Eraser Sponges to Clean Up After Your Pet

dirty dogWe love our furry family members. Our pets become a part of our household and family routines.

We want them to be comfortable and have fun; but sometimes that means having a mess to clean up on a daily basis.

We try to set boundaries and create rules, but their little furry faces and tickly whiskers, always make us give in.

Our pet’s activities cause scuffs on the floors, and marks on our walls, cabinets, and doors.

Dogs and cats often make a mess around their food and water bowls, like toddlers at the dinner table.

And then there are the occasional “accidents” when we’ve been gone too long, or a misstep with the litter box that can leave a mess on the floor.

No cat’s aim is always perfect.

Eraser sponges are the perfect cleaning tool for homes with pets.

As parents of animals, we don’t always have the time to grab a bucket, fill it with water, and wet a mop, to wipe up floors; or time to get down on our knees with a bucket full of water and a sponge to clean up scuffed cabinet doors.

Eraser Sponge 300pkThe eraser sponge makes it easy to clean up spills, scuffs, and dirty paw prints in a snap.

Another great thing about using an eraser sponge to clean up after your pets is that it is simple enough for your kids to use as well.

It is much simpler and much less messy, to teach your little ones how to help you tidy up after pets by using the eraser sponge.

Giving a small child a mop and bucket of water, can create even more of a mess that the one you were attempting to clean.

  • Keep the eraser sponges handy, and have your kids watch you clean up scuffs and marks left by your pets; then engage them in the activity with you.

After going through this process a couple of times, your kids will automatically reach for the eraser sponge when your dog comes in from playing outside, or your cat misses the litter box.

An eraser sponge is your all-purpose cleaning tool for households with pets. You won’t need to switch up from a sponge to a mop.

You can clean all your pet’s messes with the eraser sponge; making the clean-up process easier and quicker. Now you can get back to the other tasks on your to-do-lists.