Instant Erase Sneaker & Shoe Cleaning Sponge (12pk)


Keep your favorite sneakers, shoes and and even sports equipment clean with our Instant Erase Sneaker & Shoe Cleaning Sponge Multi-Pack. They are 2 sponges in one! Each of the 12 sponges features an orange scrub sponge side and a white and durable melamine eraser sponge side. Together, they can clean off dirt, mud, and grime of all kinds with just water!

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Get a dozen Instant Erase Sneaker & Shoe Cleaning Sponges with two powerful scrub sponges in one! Use the orange scrub side of the sponge to scour away dirt and mud. Flip the sponge over and use the tough Melamine Eraser Sponge side to wipe away dark scuff marks, dirt, and grime.

Our Instant Erase Sneaker Sponge can significantly lengthen the lifespan of your footwear. Have your kicks looking like new in only a few minutes of gentle scrubbing with no added chemicals. Compare our sponge to the leading name brand Magic Eraser sponge and see if you can tell a difference in quality and results. We use Basotect® Melamine Foam by BASF® to make our sneaker erasers. This is a high-quality foam used by the leading name brands, but we do not charge a name brand price for our sponges.  Get great results and multiple sponges to keep on-hand with Instant Erase by

How To Use

  1. Slightly wet one end of the orange sponge side
  2. Rub orange sponge on medium to hard surfaces to remove debris like mud and dirt
  3. Slightly wet one end of white sponge
  4. Gently rub the white sponge on smooth and light areas to remove scuff marks and other dark marks
  5.  Wipe off excess water with the dry end of sponge
  6. Rinse out sponges when done
  7. Sponges can be reused multiple times!