Cleaning Your New Babies Room

Before you start planning on bringing baby home you should make sure your home is ready.

Now is the most vulnerable time for them to catch something. They don’t have the immune system that grown adults do so it is important to clean things you never thought you may need to clean.

Even things fresh out of the box needs cleaning.

First we can start with the furniture, clean the entire crib, changing table and dressers.

nurseryIf the furniture is hand-me-downs from older siblings use the eraser sponge to clean off adhesive from old stickers or crayon from their artwork.

After baby comes home it is important to keep cleaning every day.

  • You may bring in germs you didn’t think you had.

Keep the eraser sponges around to clean up the teething bar of the crib and the changing table.

When picking out window treatments for your baby’s room try to avoid drapes and curtains, because they are cloth they will hold all dust particles and create a stuffy environment.

  • Instead purchase blinds, this will be easy to clean and won’t hold the dust. Sponge erasers can glide nicely on the slick surface to cleanup any projectile fluids.

Every surface you have in your baby room should be easily cleaned up.

Babies are known for their ability to make a mess out of nothing so it is important t make those messes easy to clean up.

Using disinfecting wipes often combined with frequent use of eraser sponges can keep your baby’s room shining and clean, until they become a toddler.

Then you will need a larger box of sponge erasers for all the artwork they leave you!

As always, if you’re not entirely sure of using an eraser sponge on any surface, test a non-conspicuous area first. If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to contact Sponge Outlet today!