How to Properly Clean Your Dishwasher

open dishwasher with dishes

Keeping Your Dishwasher Clean

To keep your dishwasher in tip-top shape, it helps to load it correctly:

  • Check the plates are dishwasher safe first

  • Scrape food from plates before loading them

  • Place dishes face down or on their side

  • Place plastic items on the cooler top rack to stop chemicals leaching

  • In hard water areas, add salt or anti-lime to prevent limescale

  • Don’t overload the dishwasher – make sure the spinning arm is free to rotate


As ever, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to extend the life of your dishwasher and minimize maintenance.

Your dishwasher is one of the hardest working appliances in your kitchen, considering it cleans off the grime and food off your dishware. It does its job to make sure your dishes, glasses, silverware, and cooking appliances are sparkly clean. We don’t always realize that it also needs some cleaning too. We want you to make sure that you clean out your dishwasher properly, so that it may do its best job cleaning your dishes.

Clean the door

An eraser sponge dipped in sudsy water is great for cleaning the outside of the door. Make sure you also clean the inside of the door using a small toothbrush to get into the grooves. Once it’s clean, use a soft cloth to wipe it dry. You can also use the toothbrush to clean things like silverware racks inside the dishwasher.

Clean out the drain

Pull out your dishwasher’s bottom rack, and make sure there’s no debris that can clog the drain, damage the pump, or scratch your dishes. Food can build up just like in your sink, so it’s always good to keep an eye on it, so that your dishes will be cleaned properly.

Run two to three cleaning cycles

Start by putting a cup of plain white vinegar in the top of your dishwasher, and then run a cycle. The vinegar will wash away grime, remove odors, and sanitize. Then, sprinkle baking soda around the bottom of the appliance and run a short cycle using the hottest possible water, to further deodorize and remove stains. If you have problems with mold or mildew, try running another cycle with bleach.

With the use of the right products, your dishwasher will be sparkling clean in no time. Sponge Outlet sells top cleaning brands for less, helping you get the job done at a fraction of the cost.  Contact Sponge Outlet at 877-776-6430 today!