Boat Scuff Erasers, Chamois & Drying Towels

Boat owners and marina operators have rave reviews about the eraser sponges they order from Boat owners love our eraser sponges as they help keep their boats tidy in-between deep cleans. They use them to remove water-line scum from hulls and clean dark scuff marks,  footprints , dirt and grime from decks and vinyl seating. Cleaning with eraser sponges requires no added cleaning chemicals or rinsing, and they are easy to keep and store on a boat.

Marina service shops order our bulk cleaning supplies to use on boats they detail. Our sponges, chamois and microfiber cloths can be used to wash, buff, polish, shine and dry most any watercraft.

Products That Suit All Types of Watercrafts!

Whether you have a yacht, a sailboat, or a couple of jet skis, you’re going to need to keep your watercraft clean if you want to look respectable out there on the water. can help.

We carry boat scuff erasers, chamois and drying towels, and numerous additional cleaning products and accessories that will help you keep your vehicles and seacraft clean for the long haul. Instead of using multiple paper towels, we provide products that are reusable. Our chamois and drying towels can be cleaned after use and will be ready for your next deep clean job.

For over 17 years, Sponge Outlet has provided a unique sales resource as a leading bulk cleaning products provider to businesses and consumers alike. Boat owners use our products, but so do homeowners, commercial space owners/operators, cleaning crews, contractors, and more.

Owning and operating a boat presents an entirely new set of challenges and scuff marks are bound to happen. Boat scuff erasers are an effective tool for dark scuff mark removal. Keep your watercraft clean of dirt and grime year-round with a wave of the hand. Our cleaning products, chamois and drying towels are high-quality and designed to last through repeated uses.