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Instant Erase Magic Sponge Erasers – Compare to Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser®

Sponge Outlet is the leading online distributor of bulk eraser sponges and other essential cleaning supplies for maids, auto detailers, janitors and more. Instant Erase by Sponge Outlet has non-toxic sponges that are NOT cheap, potentially dangerous Chinese knock-offs. The melamine foam used for our Instant Erase sponges is a raw material made in Germany by BASF – Basotect®. The raw material for the Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® is similarly made in Germany. Effective, safe cleaning – without the name-brand pricing. 100% guaranteed! Learn more.
Eraser sponges are a full-service cleaning tool that remove resilient dirt, marks and stains from almost any hard surface, and can be used anywhere in your home, office, car, garage and more. In addition to melamine foam erasers, you can also find drying cloths, scrubby sponges, hydro sponges, floor pads, dusting pads and more in any amount you need. Housekeeping services, auto detailers, industrial cleaners and home owners all use our easy ordering system to fulfill their cleaning needs at low cost.
Order Instant Erase magic sponge erasers at a fraction of the price of the competition from SpongeOutlet.com. Through bulk ordering, you can pay as little as .29¢ per sponge with free shipping on all US orders. Choose your style, amount and order online to have your cleaning tools delivered straight to your door.

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