How to Use Instant Erase Melamine Eraser Sponges

How to Use

How to Use Our Melamine Foam Sponges

Melamine foam eraser sponges are a must-have cleaning tool for your arsenal. They’re a non-toxic alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals that allow you to give many different surfaces in your home or business a strong and lasting renewal.

Sponge Outlet is the go-to distributor of melamine sponges in bulk for residential and commercial customers. With quality as high as our name-brand competitors at a more affordable price, our sponges are the obvious choice for your cleaning needs.

What’s more, melamine foam eraser sponges are quick and easy to use! They don’t require any soap, cleaning chemicals, or additional supplies and can clean up the toughest messes without using too much elbow grease.

It won’t take long to get the hang of Sponge Outlet eraser sponges. Follow the simple steps we’ve outlined below, and your surfaces will be spotless in no time.

Step 1: Wet the Eraser Sponge

Although eraser sponges can be used dry, they’re typically more effective when damp.

The water helps the foam absorb dirt particles more easily and makes it gentler on the surface to help prevent scratching. This also means you won’t have to scrub as hard when you wipe down the surface.

Run the sponge under water, then squeeze out the excess before using.

Step 2: Do a Patch Test

Because it’s so powerful, melamine sponges aren’t always safe for certain, more delicate surfaces. Any surface that’s varnished, polished, enameled, or similarly fragile may be scratched by the hard fibers of the foam (which are what accomplish such an effective clean).

Examples of surfaces to avoid using the sponge include natural stone, wood, painted auto bodies, and stainless steel.

So, before you start scrubbing away, we recommend doing a patch test on the surface you’d like to clean. This just means doing a test scrub on an area of the surface that’s hidden or less noticeable, such as the back corner of a countertop or underneath the seat of a chair.

If the sponge scratches, fades or dulls the surface material during the patch test, we suggest choosing another gentler product—such as our microfiber cloths or non-scratch cleaning pads. If there are no scratches, you’re good to go with the eraser sponge!

Step 3: Gently Scrub the Sponge Across the Desired Surface


Once the sponge is damp, wipe it across the surface to clean it. Mildly to moderately dirtied surfaces shouldn’t require much scrubbing beyond a few gentle wipes. Again, the melamine foam is an abrasive material, so it doesn’t take much pressure for it to pick up dirt particles.

For more heavily soiled surfaces and stubborn stains, such as mildew, rust, or soap scum, you may have to scrub more vigorously.

Remember—you can use melamine eraser sponges on a wide variety of surfaces all over your home or business, such as:

  • Carpet
  • Bathroom or kitchen tile
  • Appliance interiors made of white plastic and glass
  • Shower doors
  • Glass
  • Painted walls and ceilings
  • Siding
  • Glass dishes
  • Shoes
  • Floorboards
  • Light shades
  • Vinyl Cabinets
  • Grills and stovetops
  • Toilets
  • Car interiors (vinyl, dashboards)

Step 4: Wipe Away Residue with a Wet Towel

One of the perks of a Sponge Outlet eraser sponge is that you can use it more than once! However, it will break down a little bit more with every use.

Because the melamine foam is so stiff, portions of its fibers break off every time it cleans. Think of it like a rubber pencil eraser that leaves shavings behind.

As a result, some foam residue is sometimes left behind after cleaning a surface. If this happens, simply wipe it away with a wet towel, and your surface will be immaculate!

Step 5: Dry and Store the Melamine Sponge

After you’ve made your surface sparkling clean, rinse the eraser sponge to remove any absorbed dirt and wring out the excess water again. Then, leave it out to air dry.

Once it’s dry, you can store the sponge anywhere that’s convenient for you. Many customers keep the packaging their sponges come in to reuse for storage. You can also store it in a plastic bag, box, or just on its own with your other cleaning supplies.

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Melamine Eraser Sponges

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