Change the Way You Clean and Wax Your Boat with These Tips

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Change the Way You Clean and Wax Your Boat with These Tips

A common misconception amongst boat owners when it comes to taking care of their vessel is that you have to spend extensive hours and techniques to get that fresh from the factory sheen.

This notion could not be further from the truth! It is quite simple and it is all in the tools and equipment you use to scrub your boat squeaky clean.

First, take a look at the equipment you are currently using.

If you haven’t done so, research if that particular material or texture is suited for what you are trying to accomplish. A major mistake amongst boat owners is using a tool that is doing more harm than good when it comes to getting down and dirty on cleaning day.

An eraser sponge like this one is ideal for almost all surfaces but specifically boats and automobiles.

Eraser Sponge 300 packIt is a high quality tool that is composed of the same melamine that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is made with.

The difference between the two products is in the details. Since this sponge’s specialty is boats and yachts, the results will reflect just that – radiance and that like-new shine!

After you start getting into some good clean, fun, you need a reliable cloth that also won’t scratch or strip the paint on your boat.

These Shammy cloths are perfect to soak up any excess water and will clean up any sort of mess – even a beer spill if you are having a really fun time while cleaning.

LARGE SHAMMY CLOTHOur tip to avoid those obnoxious missed spots is to dry off the area immediately after washing.

These Shammies are also reusable so simply wash them after use and stow away for the next cleaning!

Now it is time to wax on and wax off! Just grab your wax of choice and one of our sponges and start the motion! We don’t recommend waxing your vessel every time you give it a nice cleaning but twice throughout the season should do the trick.

Waxing really does preserve the shine and luster of your boat and with the correct products, you’ll enjoy that brand new look for years to come.

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