Hotel / Motel Cleaning Supplies

If you run a hotel and motel cleaning service, you face a unique challenge every day. You’re asked to clean many rooms in a short amount of time without causing too much of a disturbance while you work. Make this challenge easier on yourself by equipping your staff with the best hotel and motel cleaning supplies. When you have the right hotel housekeeping supplies by your side, it’ll make your job a lot more manageable and allow you to move from room to room without a problem. Sponge Outlet can deliver cleaning supplies directly to your hospitality supply company to give you everything you need to get rooms as clean as possible.

Sponge Outlet can provide many hotel and motel supplies to cleaning services. Some of our most popular hotel and resort housekeeping supplies are our Instant Erase melamine eraser sponges by, made from a material identical to the material found in the Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser®. These hotel housekeeping supplies can be used to wipe down countertops, walls, showers, sinks, and more and can lift dirt, stains, and more with very little effort on your part. Sponge Outlet also has other housekeeping cleaning supplies for sale, too, including microfiber drying cloths, microfiber dusting wands, and melamine floor pads.

Check out our most popular products for the Hotel Cleaning Industry:

The motel and hotel cleaning supplies Sponge Outlet sells are every bit as high quality as the name-brand supplies you’ll find out there for just a fraction of the cost. They’re also available in bulk, which will help you keep the cost of your hotel and resort housekeeping supplies low while still delivering a superior product. All the housekeeping cleaning supplies sold by Sponge Outlet are super durable as well. This will help your company clean multiple rooms without wasting too many supplies.

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