House Cleaning & Maid Services

Are you trying to find a way to set your house cleaning company or maid service apart from the pack? Start by offering superior cleaning services to your customers, but you can also create some separation between you and your competition by using high-quality house cleaning supplies when you show up to clean a customer’s house for them. Sponge Outlet can provide you with the cleaning supplies for maids you need to get a house clean from top to bottom. We have the best cleaning supplies for maids and can send them to you in bulk so that you always have them on hand when you’re setting customers up with cleaning services.

When you turn to Sponge Outlet for house cleaning supplies, you’ll find we have exactly what your company needs to succeed when cleaning any number of surfaces inside a home. Our Instant Erase melamine eraser sponges by, for example, are made from the same material found in the Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser®. They can be used to remove dirt, stains, and other marks from just about any hard surface inside. We also sell an assortment of other cleaning supplies for maids, including microfiber drying cloths, melamine floor pads, microfiber dusting wands, and more. They’re the best cleaning supplies for maids who need to provide services quickly and efficiently while making everything inside a house shine.

Check out our most popular products for the House Cleaning & Maid Industry:

The house cleaning supplies available through Sponge Outlet can help your company or maid service clean almost any surface you want. From countertops and backsplashes to cabinetry and flooring, you can clean up the biggest messes in no time with our cleaning supplies. You can also save a bundle when you buy our supplies in bulk. They’ll cost significantly less than most other cleaning supplies without compromising on quality. Plus you get free shipping if in the continental U.S. Sign up for our weekly sales emails to save even more.