Bulk Microfiber Cleaning Towels – Blue 16×16 (30pk)


Great for cleaning windows, TVs, tabels, cars and so much more, this 30-pack of blue 16 x 16-inch Instant Erase Microfiber Towels is a must-have for any business or homeowner looking for the perfect solution for cleaning up messes.

The towels are manufactured using 300 gsm microfiber, and they are designed to be used in a wide range of rooms and applications both indoors and outside.

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Instant Erase Blue 300gsm Microfiber Towels by SpongeOutlet.com

The 16-inch Instant Erase microfiber towels that you see here are specifically designed to make cleaning your home a cinch.

Whether you need to clean all of the different parts of a kitchen or wipe down furniture, you can do it all with one single 16-inch microfiber cloth.

This 30-pack of blue microfiber towels will provide you with more than enough cleaning supplies to last you for years to come, and you will wonder how you ever lived without them once you start using them.

You will be surprised by just how many different surfaces you can wipe down with blue 16-inch microfiber towels.

  • From tabletops and counters to TV screens and windows, 16-inch microfiber towels are so versatile that they are able to keep many different surfaces clean.
  • With a 16-inch microfiber cloth, you can wipe off dust, dirt and other debris from your surfaces inside the home and around your business.
  • These cloths are even great for electronics, and can keep touchpads – and windows – free of fingerprints, too.
  • There are even people who prefer to use blue microfiber towels on their cars, trucks, SUVs, boats and RVs.
  • The towels are heavy-duty and can stand up to any mess that you make without leaving any scratches behind.

That allows them to be used on most surfaces, and it also makes them last significantly longer than many other 16-inch microfiber towels.

One towel will last for weeks on end, and it will continue to work well on any number of different surfaces. Find out why the 16-inch microfiber cloth has become the preferred cleaning product for so many homeowners by ordering a pack for yourself.

You Can use microfiber practically anywhere!

  • Kitchens, bathrooms, cars, windows, mirrors, counters.
  • Sinks, showers, furniture, TVs, bathtubs and tables. The list of uses is endless.
  • They are safe for virtually every surface and will not scratch.
  • Also, use on tile, linoleum, glass, wood, ceramic, marble, granite, plastic, vinyl, leather, and many more.

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