Flexible Microfiber Dusting Wand – 22″ (4pk)


A 22″ flexible, microfiber dusting wand that can clean around or over the top of delicate items, under and on furniture and more to rid the area of dust and dirt.

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22″ Flexible, Microfiber Dusting Wand 4 Pack

Spongeoutlet.com’s new 22″ flexible, microfiber dusting wand is one of the most economical cleaning wands on the market. It’s microfiber blend consists of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. The microfiber material is anchored to a flexible wire rod that will positively charge the individual microfiber strands and magnetically attract and pick up negatively charged dust and dirt.

Do you need to clean ceiling fans or other hard to reach areas? No problem! The handle has threads located inside it that can be attached to a standard sized extension or telescopic pole that can be purchased at a large variety of retailers nationwide. It is not machine washable, but it can be easily rinsed out to be used time and time again.

With it’s lightweight design and flexibility, our microfiber dusting wand is a great cleaning tool for just about anywhere. You can skim it around or over the top of delicate items, on and under furniture and more to rid the area of dust and dirt. Attaching it to an extension or telescopic pole will allow you to access high up, hard to reach areas to remove cob webs and dust. You will also be able to dust chandeliers and other light fixtures, and with a quick bending of the flexible wire rod, you can also easily clean ceiling fans and their blades.

It’s also a great cleaning tool for window blinds and much more. NOTE: Use the dusting wand in a dry environment only. With it’s magnetic attraction of dust it allows you to use it on a variety of surfaces without any chemical cleaners or dust cleaning sprays. To clean, simply rinse the duster under water and then starting from the handle, slide your hand down it’s length to wring it out. The microfiber strands will absorb a lot of the water so be sure to let it drip dry over something that won’t be damaged if it gets wet.

Easy to Use! No chemicals or no water needed!

  • Clean delicate areas.
  • Clean hard to reach areas.
  • Clean with water and let air dry.
  • Great for ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Clean mini-blinds and other window treatments.
  • Flexible to contort around specific objects to clean.

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