What to Know About Our Melamine Sponges

What To Know

What to Know About Our Melamine Sponges

Melamine Eraser Sponges are a popular cleaning sponge, yet many people still don’t understand what makes them different from, or better than, a standard cleaning sponge.

As the leading online distributor of bulk eraser melamine foam sponges, Sponge Outlet is uniquely qualified to speak on the advantages of this premier cleaning tool.

What Is a Melamine Foam Sponge?

Three melamine foam eraser sponges in a pile. Spongec Outlet bulk eraser sponges

Melamine foam is used in several brands of abrasive cleaning sponges—including Sponge Outlet—as well as in insulation and soundproofing materials.

Essentially, this foam acts as a type of fine sandpaper that can buff out stains and the tiny debris that forms them. So, unlike other sponges, you don’t need to use any chemicals to clean a surface effectively.

The melamine used for our eraser sponges is made in Germany by the same company that makes the foam for our name-brand competitors. But we offer our bulk melamine foam sponges for a more affordable price!

How Do Sponge Outlet Melamine Eraser Sponges Work?

Our instant eraser sponges work hard, so you don’t have to. They can remove stubborn dirt, stains, and other marks from almost any hard surface.

The microscopic strands of the foam material scrub the microscopic gaps in the surface as you use the sponge, removing any buildup causing stains, dirt spots, or scuffs. Eraser sponges are abrasive, which means they wear down the dirt as you rub it without the need for soap or other cleaning chemicals. Simply wet the sponge with water and scrub gently.

You can use our melamine foam sponges to clean surfaces of all types in many different areas. Whether it’s your painted living room walls, bedroom floorboards, bathroom tub, or refrigerator, they’ll easily remove any stains, dirt, or grime and leave a sparkling surface in their wake.

Where Can I Use an Instant Eraser Sponge?

Melamine foam sponges are great for cleaning up messes, spills, and dirt buildup all over your home, business, or other commercial property. There are, however, some surfaces where they may be too abrasive and leave scratches behind.

Here are some examples of surfaces where an eraser sponge can be used safely:Sponge Cleaning Sink

  • Carpet
  • Bathroom or kitchen tile
  • Shower doors
  • Glass
  • Painted walls and ceilings
  • Siding
  • Glass dishes
  • Shoes
  • Floorboards
  • Light shades
  • Grills and stovetops
  • Toilets
  • Car interiors (vinyl, dashboards)

Here are some examples of surfaces where we don’t recommend using an eraser sponge:

  • Stainless steel appliance finishes
  • Wood
  • Nonstick pans
  • Marble/natural stone
  • Painted car exteriors
  • Electronic screens
  • Polished, varnished, or enameled surfaces
  • Delicate/easily scratched surfaces

If you’re not sure whether it’s safe to use a melamine sponge on a surface, test it out first. Scrub the surface with the sponge on a small, inconspicuous area to see if it leaves scratches.

Looking for other affordable and effective bulk cleaning products for surfaces where an eraser sponge isn’t a safe option? Try our microfiber cleaning towelschamois clothsnon-scratch cleaning pads, or other leading cleaning supplies.

What Are the Advantages of Instant Eraser Sponges Over Other Cleaning Products?

You might wonder why you should choose Sponge Outlet melamine eraser sponges over standard cleaning sponges and products. Are they really that much better or different?

The answer is yes.

Here are some of the advantages that set our sponges apart from the rest:

More Effective Cleaning

As explained above, melamine foam removes dirt, grime, and stains from hard surfaces more effectively than regular sponges. The stiff microscopic fibers have the ability to get into the smallest surface pores to remove the toughest messes.


Environmentally Friendly

There’s no need to deal with potentially irritating or harsh cleaning chemicals when using our eraser sponges. All you need is water and some gentle scrubbing to get the job done. Plus, you can reuse them, allowing you to cut down on your cleaning waste.


Cleaning Kitchen Tile with Sponge

How convenient is it to be able to use the same product to clean your kitchen tiles, car dashboard, shoes, and more? You’ll get the most bang for your buck with a sponge that can easily clean a wide variety of surfaces.


Speaking of bang for your buck, Sponge Outlet’s melamine foam sponges are one of the most affordable cleaning products on the market. We offer competitive bulk pricing for businesses, as well as smaller quantity bulk pricing for personal use. Best of all, when you use our made-in-the-USA sponges, quality is not sacrificed, even with the low cost.

Experience the difference Sponge Outlet melamine eraser sponges can make for your household or business cleaning needs.

Shop our products online in bulk or contact us about a custom order today!