Window Cleaning Sponges & Cloths- Zoo & Aquarium Supplies

Whether you’re operating a zoo, or trying to keep an aquarium clean, it’s important to have the right bulk cleaning supplies and tools on hand. As major attractions, zoos and aquariums experience thousands of visitors a year. Not only do the tanks and exhibits need to be kept clean, but the guest areas need to be pristine as well. is proud to supply bulk eraser sponges for zoos and aquariums across the U.S. and Canada. Our sponges help keep glass and windows surfaces clean, all without added chemicals. We also carry additional tools to help make cleaning easier, such as our Extension Handle Eraser Sponge Kit which extends up to three feet when needed. It also collapses with the push of a button for easy carrying and storage.


Keep Zoo and Aquarium Glass Looking Pristine

We provide high-quality melamine eraser sponges and other cleaning supplies to clean the glass and viewing windows on exhibits and tanks. Our supplies also help to keep visitor spaces clean too, including bathrooms, informational displays, rest areas, seating, and floors. products are used by professionals and weekend cleaning warriors alike. We’ll help you avoid waste that comes along with using one-time use paper products. Many of our supplies are reusable and can be used without added chemicals or cleaning agents. Our window-cleaning sponges and cloths and additional zoo and aquarium supplies can be used and reused, which will help save time and money.

For over 17 years we’ve provided bulk cleaning supplies to businesses, non-profits, and consumers. Whether commercial or residential, our cleaning sponges will help keep any space clean.