Cleaning Your Snowmobile After the Winter Season

Cleaning snowmobile after the winter

We’re in the last weeks of winter, hopefully. For all the snowmobilers out there, we hope you’ve been having a wonderful winter riding out there on the snow. With that being said, it’s always important to clean your snowmobile after riding, especially when putting the snowmobile away for the spring season.

After riding on your snowmobile all winter season, grime and dirt can attach themselves to various parts of the snowmobile. It is crucial that you clean it, so the grime doesn’t cause further issues during the offseason.

Clean Your Snowmobile with an Eraser Sponge

As we see the weather turning hopefully for the better, it’s time to clean your snowmobile before you put it away for the season. The reason for cleaning is to ensure that you’ll be able to take your snowmobile out next season without any issues.

Eraser Sponge Uses:

Sponge Outlet provides non-toxic cleaning products for your home at wholesale that will change the way you clean all of your belongings. Our melamine eraser sponges are very simple to use, and you can in fact use them to clean the grime, scuff marks, and salt stains off your snowmobile at the end of the season. It is highly recommended to test the eraser sponge on a different surface to investigate any scratches it may cause before cleaning your snowmobile.

Monster Scrubby Uses:

Our monster scrubby sponges can also work well along with eraser sponges to clean your snowmobile. You may find dirt or mud stuck on particular parts of your snowmobile. The monster scrubby has the ability to attack the tougher grime on your snowmobile. Under cold water, it will stiffen up to a metallic-wool, and under warm water, it will become softer. Our monster scrubby is non-scratch and safe on paint.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Snowmobile

 If you want your snowmobile to last a long time, it’s necessary to clean your snowmobile after the season before you put it in storage for the off season. If you don’t clean it, you’re putting your snowmobile at risk for problems.

The Benefits:

  • Prevent Rusting
  • Eliminate Road Grime
  • Extend the Life of Your Snowmobile
  • Keep Your Vehicle Clean of Dirt, Mud, Grime, Scuff Marks

If you’re looking for the proper cleaning products to have around your home, please don’t hesitate to contact Sponge Outlet at 877-776-6430 today or visit us online for more information!

Cleaning Your Snowmobile After Riding

Your snowmobile is going to go through some rough riding this winter. You’ll want to make sure it is always in good condition, which means cleaning it is a must to make it look in tip-top shop. Here are some suggestions on how to clean it after a long ride out in the snow.


What You’ll Need

Snowmobile cleaning is rather simple, so don’t get stressed out. You won’t have to go out and get a fancy cleaning solution.

cleaning snowmobile with eraser sponges

  • Sponge and scrub brush
  • Polish and wax for plastic and metal parts
  • Clean towel

First, you should hose off the snowmobile with a hose that has solid water pressure. Once you’re done hosing the vehicle, take an eraser sponge from Sponge Outlet, and scrub the entire snowmobile.

For the tough spots where you need to scrub, grab our scrubby sponge to get the tough grime and dirt. Rinse off the vehicle after scrubbing down all the areas. Once you’re done washing, take one of our microfiber towels to dry it off.

For a nice shiny snowmobile, you can decide to polish and wax. You might as well wait till after the season to do this if you plan on taking your snowmobile out for several rides. Shop for a good snowmobile polish.

Sponge Outlet

Here at Sponge Outlet, we provide cleaning supplies for whatever your cleaning needs are. We have high quality microfiber towels, eraser sponges, and other cleaning supplies. Our products are non-toxic name-brands without the same price tag on them. We guarantee you’ll be able to get your snowmobile clean, shiny, and back to the way it looked before you took it out for a spin.

Contact Sponge Outlet at 877-776-6430 today to get your cleaning supplies!