Best Cloths for Cleaning Windows & Jewelry Glass Cases

If you’re a jewelry store owner/operator or simply looking to take care of your home jewelry, having the right cleaning products on hand will help you keep your jewelry free from tarnish and allow you to finish those special pieces. Eraser sponges can even be used to clean glass and display cases.

Invest in the best cloths for cleaning windows and jewelry glass cases, which are available at Our microfiber towels 300 gsm (grams per square meter) microfiber, which is thick, absorbency, and plush.

Cleaning Supplies for Jewelry

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying for yourself or a small number of individuals or need to buy products in bulk for your commercial space cleaning needs, we are your one-stop shop for all things clean. provides cleaning solutions to professionals and weekend cleaners alike. Our products are used by casinos, janitorial companies, professional cleaning services, and restaurants, as well as by jewelry store owners and boutiques for cleaning and finishing jewelry, cleaning glass display cases, windows, and other glass surfaces.

We can help you cut down on unwanted waste that comes along with using paper cleaning products such as paper towels to clean your display cases and windows, which leaves a big pile of paper mess to have to contend with after a hard day of cleaning. Instead, these industry-best cloths for cleaning windows & jewelry glass cases can be used and reused. Cut down on overhead by investing in cleaning products that can be used to clean again and again.

For over 17 years has been the one-stop shop for cleaning products that save our customers time and money on a wide variety of cleaning projects for commercial and residential spaces.