Sponges Successful in the World of Makeup

According to InStyle, women were typically spending $15,000 in a lifetime on beauty products as of 2013. The cost of products such as foundation, mascara, blush, and many other products, adds up. Understandably, women are always looking for creative ways to save money on beauty products, and household sponges are now playing a role in that.

A vlogger (a video blogger) named Lauren Blake Lucia, recently released a video on Instagram where she used a standard household scrubby sponge to apply her makeup.

A sponge, typically used to scrub a soiled countertop or tiled flooring, was used successfully as a makeup applicator. (We’re as surprised as you are!)

Many women purchase a product called a “beauty blender” to apply their liquid makeup. This product is essentially an egg-shaped sponge that women typically pay about $20.00 for. Lucia decided to see if a household sponge might work to apply liquid makeup how this beloved product does, and the sponge did a better job than expected.

Using a Sharpie, Lucia drew out an egg shape on the sponge and cut it out with scissors. Afterwards she dipped the sponge into water to expand and soften it, and started applying her makeup.

Lucia used the soft side of the sponge, not the scrubby side, to blend on liquid foundation and concealer. The results were surprising: the makeup went on just as it should and looked as if she used a designated makeup sponge or makeup brush when she was finished.

Maybe you’re thinking that this is a good way to waste a perfectly good sponge. However, if you are someone that spends a decent amount of money on beauty products, purchasing standard household sponges is actually a more affordable option, and it would be fun to try!

Plus, Lucia also revealed that you can use the scrubby side of the sponge as a lip exfoliator which can help prepare your lips for near perfect lipstick application.

We appreciate creativity and were genuinely impressed with Lucia’s results.

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