Get Help Running Your Cleaning Business

help running a cleaning business

Cleaning business owners no longer have to go it alone. Thanks to social media, you can get help and advice running a cleaning business from other owners who have been there and done that.

Instagram accounts  like LetsTalkDirt_y,  an account run by Jean-Marie Pfeifer, owner of Shore to Shore Cleaning, offer help and guidance to other cleaning businesses out there. Pfeifer started Let’s Talk as a way to mentor and bring together others in the cleaning industry around Long Island, New York.

In a video she shared on her channel, Pfeifer talked about trying out new services to help her business and to lessen her work load, especially when it comes to cleaning towels and mop heads for her business.

It’s no surprise that she also shops at SpongeOutlet in order to save money on bulk eraser sponges she needs for her cleaning company.

On September 29, Jean-Marie will be Continue reading Get Help Running Your Cleaning Business