Wash Your Windows Like the Professionals!

cleaning windowsWhile nobody really likes to do chores around the home, there are some that are admittedly easier than others.

  • Take out the trash? No problem.
  • Make the bed? Not bad.

But washing the windows? That can certainly be a pain.

Just think of all the times you sprayed window cleaner trying to clean it up and inhaled all those chemicals.

Not only does it not smell nice, there were often times fibers left behind from your paper towel!

Now that can be a pain!

However we have a method that is used by window cleaning professionals that will change how you clean your windows! This method will help get your windows completely clean.

Here is what you will need for window cleaning:

Here are the steps to cleaning your windows:

  • First, put a couple drops of the dish detergent into your container and add a few inches of water.
  • Dip the scrubby pad into the water and squeeze out.
  • Then, scrub the glass down.
    • Between the dawn and the scrubby pad, the dirt will come off and there will not be any residue.
  • Once you have scrubbed everything loose, use the squeegee on the window starting at the top.
  • Work your way down and wipe the squeegee off each time with your cloth.
    • The better quality your squeegee is, the less streaking there will be which will leave your windows looking cleaner.
  • You may need to wipe around the edges of the window in order to absorb leftover water and/or dirt.

You will see a noticeable difference with this method and your windows will come out much cleaner!