Cleaning Your Bike Before Summer

Woman cleaning bike with eraser sponge

During the quarantine, we realize people are getting the itch to get out on their bikes. As we encourage everyone to practice social distancing, making sure that your bike is in good shape to ride is always important. As the Spring weather continues all over the country no matter what climate, your bike will go through some tough terrain during these months. Cleaning up the mess is essential for riding your bike. On a nice sunny day, why wouldn’t you rather be basking in the warmth of the sun riding rather than driving?

As any cyclist will tell you, rainwater, sun, and gravel are a few of what you can expect to damage your bike by either causing rust, chipped paint or denting. Aside from those types of damage, everyday dirt can build up into the bike and decrease the bike’s ability to run and function properly.

Routine cleaning is essential to the upkeep of your bike, specifically during the summer months when the bike is in use the most.

The Best Preventative Bike Care is Cleaning with Eraser Sponges

A good scrub will remove all the dirt and grime that accumulates inside and out. How effective your cleaning job will be is based upon the product you plan on using. There are many cleaning solutions on the market but not all can ensure to clean without scratching and stripping of paint.

You can test a product on the smallest part of the bike as a trial run, but that is a risk not needed to take.

The first thing you should do is take one of our monster scrubby sponges to clean off the dirt before you use an eraser sponge. Our eraser sponge is abrasive, which can take the paint off of surfaces, so it’s important that you test it out on different surfaces before your bike.

A solution to your bike cleaning needs is the melamine eraser sponge.

  • This revolutionary sponge has been designed to use on a variety of surfaces, but more specifically for boats and automobiles.
  • Melamine sponges are also very durable and will hold up for a large automobile like a motorcycle.

Keep your bike cleaned after every ride during the springtime, so when summer comes around, it will be easier to keep clean.

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