Prep your Boat for This Summer Season

Man cleaning yacht with Sponge Outlet products

Summer is finally approaching after your boat spent all winter in storage waiting for sun and warm weather to appear.  It’s time to get your boat back on the water, and there are some things that need to be done before you take it out for the start of the season.

Do a Maintenance Check

Before gathering the family and jumping in the boat for a fun-filled day on the water, you should conduct a simple checkup on your boat to ensure everything is working properly and the supplies are stocked. Here is a checklist:

  • Check the fuel and hoses for leaks or cracks
  • Check the cables and belts
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Check the engine oil and coolant fluid
  • Stock with life jackets and first aid kit

These simple tasks can help you have a very enjoyable summer season on your boat. If you put these things off, your summer may be stressful and costly.

Make Sure to Clean

After inspecting the boat and making sure everything is in order, it’s time to clean the boat’s interior and exterior. To help remove musty odors and to preserve the value of your boat, you should really take the time and clean it. Grab your kids or grand kids and have them help you! It can be an easy and simple process if you use these products from Sponge Outlet.

The Super S Detail Sponge is perfect for big jobs such as cleaning your boat. Simply wet the sponge, squeeze out any excess water and gently rub the dirt, stain, scuff or even mold mark on your boat. Rinse, squeeze and store the sponge so you can reuse it many times.

Use our Large Shammy Cloth to clean up spills fast. The Shammy is both a sponge and a towel and can wash, dry and polish your boat without leaving any scratches. You’ll be able to throw this in the washing machine after and use this next year as well.

If you are planning on cleaning your boat before putting it in the water this summer, take a look at Sponge Outlet’s auto and boat cleaning products and get started today! Call us at 877-776-6430!