Spring Cleaning Solutions While Staying Home

Spring cleaning your home during quarantine

Here at Sponge Outlet, we want you to have the best cleaning products for spring cleaning this season. While many people around the country are practicing social distancing and staying home, spring cleaning should still be a major priority. It will help you pass the time during the day and keep your house as fresh as can be!

Here are some products we offer that are great for cleaning:

Bulk Melamine Cleaning Sponges – Our cleaning sponges are great for getting rid of dirt, stains, scuffs, grime, and grease all around your home. The great thing about these sponges is they are non-toxic, and they last for several uses, so you don’t have to worry about throwing them out after one use.

  • Use only water
  • Squeeze out excess water and store after use

Bulk Microfiber Cleaning Towels – These towels are great for cleaning up any type of spill or mess around the house. If you have dusty dressers or furniture, use a microfiber towel to get rid of it. They work well on TV screens, laptops, and any surface you can imagine. Get those smudges off of your television, so you can continue to binge watch your favorite shows during lockdown.

Eraser Sponge Extension Handle Kit – The eraser sponge extension handle kit comes equipped with four sponges. This easy-to-use cleaning tool is perfect for those hard to reach places like behind cabinets, ceilings, and other surfaces.

Eraser Mop Floor Cleaning Pads – Your floors are going to need a cleaning after being stranded in the home for some time. Our eraser mop floor cleaning pads will help you get rid of the scuffs, dirt, and grime from your floors. Our pads contain no chemicals, and all you need to use is water.

Monster Scrubby – The monster scrubby-non scratch scrub pad is the best cleaning tool to get the grime eliminated from your dishes, countertops, sink, bathroom, and much more! In cold water, the scrubby will harden-up similar to a metallic-wool material, and in warm water, the sponge will soften up.

Sponge Outlet Cleaning Products

Sponge Outlet provides bulk cleaning products for cleaning businesses and individuals for deep cleaning. Our products are compared to the commercial brands, and they are less expensive. Our products contain no chemicals, which benefit the environment. When you’re staying at home during the quarantine, pass the time spring cleaning your home or building with our products.

Contact Sponge Outlet at 877-776-6430 today and get to cleaning!