Auto Detailing Supplies: Shamintor Sponge & Chamois Towel Set

How to Use the Chamois & Shamintor Sponge Auto Detailing Set to Clean a Car

Clean your car, SUV, motorcycle or boat with our 12 piece Chamois Eraser Sponge and Chamois Cloth Auto Detailing Set. This set provides cleanings supplies for cleaning a car inside and out.  Each set comes with:

  • 4 melamine eraser and chamois cloth combo erasers
  • 4 small chamois cloths- Size 14″ x 10″
  • 4 large chamois cloths – Size 27″ x 20″.

Using this set can save you money on auto detailing supplies because the supplies in this kit are reusable, washable and replace other one-time-use cleaning supplies. Read on to see how to use.

Clean the Inside of a Car

Use our dual-sided Shaminator eraser sponges to clean the inside of your automobile. Use the melamine eraser side to safely clean any interior glass, plastic or vinyl to remove grime, dust and scuff marks. Flip over the sponge and use the chamois side (safe for surfaces) to polish and dry the interior.

Dampen the smaller chamois towels and use along with your favorite auto cleaner to clean and polish the interior.

Auto Detailing Shaminator Set – Chamois Towels & Melamine Eraser Sponge Set – reusable, saves money
Save money on your car wash auto detailing supplies with the 216 Shaminator Set from SpongeOutlet. Comes with reusable and multi-purpose eraser sponges and chamois cloth towels.


Clean the Outside of Your Car

Use the large chamois cloths like a sponge to clean the exterior of your car. They are super absorbent and can hold 10 times their weight in liquid. They are also multi-surface safe and will not scratch auto body paint. Any of our chamois cloths can be used with additional cleaners, waxes and polishes to make your vehicle shine.

Melamine eraser sponges are not recommended for tinted glass, however, they are safe for non-tinted windows. Wet the melamine eraser side of the Shaminator Sponge to scrub and remove dried bird droppings and dead bugs from the non-tinted windshield glass of your car. Use in a circular motion. Flip the sponge over and use the shammy side to dry and polish the glass. offers a good tutorial on how to clean a car’s windshield using an eraser sponge.

After washing, use a large chamois cloth to dry and polish. Now your car is ready for the Spring and Summer!

Can I use Melamine Eraser Sponges to Wash the Exterior of My Car?

Due to their abrasive nature, melamine eraser sponges are not recommended for painted auto exteriors or highly polished surfaces. However, they are safe on non-tinted glass, plastic and vinyl and are great with getting into textured plastic surfaces to remove dirt and grime that ordinary sponges cannot clean. If in doubt, always test the melamine eraser sponge on an inconspicuous area of the surface you intend to clean and check for any dulling or damage. Make sure your test area is fully dry after cleaning to view accurate results.

For car washing, we recommend a non-scratch sponge like our non-scratch Instant Erase Star Scrubby, Monster Scrubby, Monster Scrubby Duo Cleaning Sponge, or our non-scratch cleaning pads.

Are Shammy Cloths Good on Auto Windows and Reflective Surfaces?

Yes, they are! Not only are the synthetic shammy cloths super-absorbent, which helps soak up any cleaning detergents for a streak-free shine, they are safe for windows.

I Run an Auto Detailing Business, So I Need To Buy Cleaning Supplies in Bulk

SpongeOutlet has got your auto detailing business covered with our 216-Piece Shaminator Sponge and Shammy Cloth Set. The set includes:

  • 72 Large Size Shammy Cloths – Size 25″ x 20″
  • 72 Small Shammies- Size 14″ x 10″
  • 72 Shaminator Eraser Sponges – Size 2.4″ x 4.6″ x .9″

This set will help supply enough shammy cloths for interior and exterior car detailing work for your whole crew with cloths and sponges to spare. The shammy cloths and eraser sponges can replace single-use paper towels and are reusable, which can help save your business money.

How to Clean and Care for a 100% Rayon Chamois Cloth

Hand or machine wash the chamois cloth in cool water using bleach or a detergent without added fabric softeners. Fabric softener will interfere with the absorbency properties of the shammy cloth. Air drying is recommended. Do not launder with fabrics that shed, such as fleece, chenille, or terry cloth towels, as the cloths will pick up the lint and no longer be lint-free.

How to Care for Your Shaminator Sponge

Like any melamine eraser sponge, rinse clean in water and squeeze to remove dirt and excess water. Let air dry and reuse again and again until gone.