Tips on Cleaning out Your Fridge

woman cleaning out fridge

A kitchen appliance that gets often overlooked when cleaning is your fridge. This is something you should be paying attention to on a regular basis, or else you’ll regret it later when it gets to be a mess.  And when it gets to be a mess, no one wants to try and clean it. Attack the problem before there is a problem! Here are some tips:

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Gloves
  • Garbage Can
  • Recycling Container
  • Toothbrush or Small Scrubbing
  • Eraser Sponge
  • Cloths
  • Baking Soda

Take out all the food in your fridge

  • While you’re checking all the food in your fridge, throw out the expired food and leftovers that aren’t needed anymore.  Remove all the food and keep it away from all of your cleaning supplies.

Clean out all the extra crumbs and food items in the fridge

After removing crumbs, use your eraser sponge to wipe down everything in the fridge. Take out the drawers and shelves and wipe them down separately. Use the sponge on the walls of the fridge and the outside of the fridge too.

Putting food back into the fridge

  • When putting the foods back in their place, wipe down the containers. Jelly can get sticky awfully quick and make it hard to clean up later.
  • Consider putting down shelf liners on the shelves and drawers. These peel off easily and will help keep everything cleaner for longer.
  • On a weekly basis, go through your fridge and get rid of foods you haven’t eaten that are going stale. Do this on garbage night so you don’t get stuck with funky smells.

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