Here’s How to Clean Your Windows

microfiber towels from Sponge Outlet

There are ways to clean your windows in your home without using chemicals and sprays. It’s important to not fill your indoor air with harmful chemicals.  Let’s see how you can naturally clean them, so you don’t end up polluting your air.

 Use a Microfiber Cloth

A lint-free damp microfiber cloth is chemical-free, easy to use, and very inexpensive. This reusable cloth only needs to be rinsed and wrung out to clean it. This makes it very simple to use and reuse without having to throw away the chemically drenched paper towels.

Using a microfiber cloth instead of paper towels is better for the environment and your wallet. Like a chamois cloth, a microfiber cloth cleans so well on its own, with the help of just a little water, no cleaners are necessary.

Microfiber cloths not only clean your windows, but they also dust and polish them, to help give them a brilliant shine, naturally.

Most microfiber and chamois cloths can be used for more than just cleaning your windows.

Additional cleaning uses include: counters, stove tops, tubs, sinks and showers

Use a Chamois Cloth

A chamois, which is pronounced sham-wa, is the perfect choice for dusty, but not dirty windows. Dampen the chamois with just a little water, and your window will wipe the dust off effortlessly, without any harsh chemical left from sprays or cleaners.

A chamois is a synthetic cloth best known for its use of drying cars, but many people do not realize that is also perfect for cleaning the windows in your house, office or car. After cleaning your windows with a chamois, soak the cloth for a few minutes in warm water and soap, then rinse it clean and hang it to dry in your home, away from sunlight. It is not machine-washable.

Where to look for these products?

Sponge Outlet provides cleaning products for all of your needs. If you’re in need of natural window cleaning products, contact Sponge Outlet at 877-776-6430 today to get more information on our cleaning products!