Cleaning Up Illness at Home

portrait of a sick woman blowing her nose while sitting on the sofa

Getting sick is literally THE WORST, but getting sick twice or spreading your germs to other household members or loved ones is even worst. No matter if you’ve just kicked a cold or the flu to the curb, once relief is in sight, it’s key to spring into action, ensuring you get rid of the germs that caused yours and your loved one’s misery in the first place. Here are some easy tips to help you handle the icky business of cleaning up after being sick.


Make sure the cleaning supplies you are using is a disinfectant and kills whatever virus you are trying to evict from your home. The bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room are usually key areas to keep in mind during your cleaning session. Don’t forget to give extra attention to where you spent most of your time. Scrub down sinks, doorknobs, counters, light switches, and so forth with a scrubby sponge.


After spending several days getting some quality time binge-watching your favorite TV shows while you were on bed rest, you came in contact with several items of clothes and linings that are in need of a good wash post-sickness. These items include clothing you wore, bedding, towels, face cloths, kitchen towels, etc. Wash in hot water, as long as the care instructions for those items allow.


While you’re sick, it’s unavoidable to touch a lot of things. Even when practicing good hygiene and washing your hands often, you still run the risk of spreading germs. Be mindful of door knobs, faucets, handles and windows. Also, remember to give special attention to any technology you used to keep yourself occupied, like phones, remotes, computers and tablets. Clean items and wipe them dry with a microfiber drying towel, and throw the towel in the washer when you’re done.


Open your windows and get a good cross breeze going. The fresh air will help move some fresh air in your home, while pushing out any icky germs that may be lingering.
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