Keeping Your Bachelor Pad Clean

We get it: you work hard and play hard, and you don’t get to spend much quality time with your cleaning products.

However, following these simple hints can help you keep your bachelor pad clean.

Trust us: you’ll feel more comfortable, misplace things less frequently (where did you put that watch?) and guests will always be impressed be a well-kept apartment or home.

Less Is Often More

It would be easier to keep your place clean if you had less things to make it appear cluttered in the first place.

Set aside an afternoon to go through your belongings and get rid of some of things you longer have a purpose for. If you haven’t worn it or used it in over a year, donate it instead.

  • If it’s broken, toss it – even if you think you’ll one day repair the clock you bought at a garage sale, you probably won’t. Getting rid of things you don’t have a purpose for will make your pad appear cleaner.

Make Priorities

microfiberMany men are notorious for taking great care of their cars, as it should be. A car is a precious investment and something many of us love to show off.

However, we should take pride in our home as well. Taking care of a car is a priority, and cleaning your home should be too.

You’d never go on a drive with a mud-spattered windshield or stained seats, right? Don’t live in a home that isn’t taken care of either.

  • Make sure that you have sponges and cleaning supplies in stock so you can easily manage your home as needed. (Side note, our microfiber clothes are great for drying off cars!)

Form Cleaning Habits

When it comes to keeping things clean, small changes make a big difference. After you shave and brush your teeth, wipe down the sink. After dinner, do the dishes immediately.

Soon, doing these things will become second nature.

  • If you get into the habit of cleaning certain areas of your home, you’ll learn to do them mindlessly. We have a variety of cleaning supplies available that can help you accomplish your cleaning tasks daily, making it quick and easy tidy up.

Having the right products will help you keep your bachelor pad in top shape. Check out SpongeOutlet for the products that will help keep your apartment or home sparkling clean.