Clean These Children’s Items With Our Eraser Sponge

Do you have children? If you do, chances are, they have accumulated many toys and belongings over the past few years. It can often be a tough chore to keep their belongings clean, but with an eraser sponge, it should be a little easier.

Here are five things that can be cleaned with everyone’s favorite products!

Action Figures and Dolls

Since the faces of the dolls are a soft vinyl, they can come clean pretty easily by just gently wiping them down so you don’t scratch the surface!

Grimy Sneakers

Children are notorious for running in the mud and splashing in every puddle they come across – especially now that they are headed back to school! Instead of buying new sneaks, just clean your child’s existing sneakers and they will think they are as good as new! To clean them, you won’t need much water with the eraser sponge, so you can put them on your child and leave right away instead of waiting for them to dry.


Now that school is starting again, you might not need to clean your child’s lunchbox right away since it’s probably new, but soon enough it will need a good cleaning. When you need to, wipe down the lunchbox with an eraser sponge to eliminate any build up.

Gaming Systems

If your child has been playing video games a lot over the summer, now might be a good time to clean everything while they are at school! While you shouldn’t use water on these consoles, a well rung out eraser sponge would do wonders when it comes to cleaning the console itself, the controllers, or even hand held games that get carried around.

Anything to do with babies

If you have a baby or toddler, chances are many of the items you use don’t stay clean for long. Cribs, highchairs, booster seats, diaper bags… the list goes on and on. It’s important to keep your baby’s belongings clean so why not use a simple tool to get the job done?

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