Cleaning Up After Your Pet Using Eraser Sponges

Cleaning up after your pet with eraser products

We love our furry family members. Our pets become a part of our household and family routines. We want them to be comfortable and have fun; but sometimes that means having a mess to clean up on a daily basis. Our pet’s activities can cause scuffs on the floors, and marks on our walls, cabinets, and doors. Dogs and cats often make a mess around their food and water bowls, like toddlers at the dinner table.

Eraser Sponges Help Clean Your Home’s Messes

As pet owners, we don’t always have time to grab a bucket, fill it with water, and wet a mop, to wipe up floors; or time to get down on our knees with a bucket full of water and a sponge to clean up scuffed cabinet doors.

The eraser sponge makes it easy to clean up spills, scuffs, and dirty paw prints in a snap. Another great thing about using an eraser sponge to clean up after your pets is that it is simple enough for your kids to use as well. It is much simpler and much less messy to teach your little ones how to help you tidy up after pets by using the eraser sponge.

Giving a small child a mop and bucket of water, can create even more of a mess that the one you were attempting to clean. Keep eraser sponges handy, and have your kids watch you clean up scuffs and marks left by your pets; then engage them in the activity with you.

After going through this process, your kids will automatically reach for an eraser sponge when your dog comes in from playing outside.

Eraser Sponges from Sponge Outlet

An eraser sponge is your all-purpose cleaning tool for households with pets. You won’t need to switch up from a sponge to a mop.

You can clean all your pet’s messes with the eraser sponge; making the clean-up process easier and quicker. Now you can get back to the other tasks on your to-do-lists.

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Unique Uses For Your Eraser Sponges

Using eraser sponges to clean your stove tops

As the warmer weather starts to show itself, cleaning becomes a necessary task for homeowners all around the country. Cleaning is often a dreaded task, but with the eraser sponge; you can clean your kitchen and bathrooms with more ease and even teach the kids to use it, making household chores less stressful and easier.  But one of the most exciting things about the eraser sponge is the discovery of uses that are quite unique, but extremely helpful to know about.

Pet Slobber on the Windows

For those of us who know what it’s like to have pets; dogs in particular love to press their little faces up against windows and glass doors, leaving saliva stains. Use an eraser sponge to give your windows and glass doors a good cleaning to return them to their sparkling days.

House Siding Can Get Dirty During the Winter Months

It’s the summertime season, and most families want to entertain outdoors. Green mildew that builds up on porch columns and vinyl siding can be quite unsightly. It works wonders in bringing the shine and newness back to your white columns and siding, and ridding them of that terrible looking green, mossy, mildew.

Glass Stovetops

Glass stovetops are becoming increasingly popular, especially because of electric stovetops.  They create a modern and stylish look in your kitchen area, but they can also be difficult to keep clean. Between battling grease stains, food splatters, and fingerprints; your glass stove top can appear years older than it actually is. With the eraser sponge, you can keep your glass stove top clean and free of dirt, food grime, and fingerprint smudges.

Cleaning the Interior of Your Car

That’s right; the uses of the eraser sponge never end. Eraser sponges are perfect for cleaning the interior of your cars. Your dashboard can be free of grease, ink, and smudges from those cute little kiddy hands and doggy prints. The eraser sponge allows you to get into all the small areas of the interior, which allows you to restore your car interior back to its original beauty.

As you continue to use your eraser sponge around the house, on porches, patios, and other outdoor spaces; you will come up with your own unique uses for this magical cleaning product that will surprise you.

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How to Remove Christmas Tree Sap This Holiday Season

How to Remove Christmas Tree Sap This Holiday Season

We love our Christmas trees. The twinkling lights, the festive decorations, the presents waiting to be unwrapped … but then there’s the sap. Cleaning sticky pine sap residue off the floor could even turn Santa Claus into the Grinch. There is hope, however: with the right products and techniques you can eliminate Christmas tree sap this holiday season.

Here are a few tips for removing Christmas tree sap and preventing sticky, gooey buildup on your floors:

Use Ice to Remove Christmas Tree Sap 

Placing ice cubes over puddles of sap for 10 to 15 minutes will cause the sap to harden.  If you have hardwood floors, scrape the sap off with a plastic knife, a razor or even your fingernail. Just be careful to position the tool nearly parallel to the floor so you don’t scrape or scratch the wood or tile. For carpeted floors,  use your fingers to pick the sap out of the carpet fibers.

Try Oil Soap to Remove Pine Tree Sap

Non-diluted oil soap, like Murphy’s, is great for cleaning pine sap off hardwood floors. Apply it with a sponge directly to the sap and let it sit for 15 minutes. The oil-based soap will soften the sap, making it easier to scrub off with a brush or non-scratch sponge and then rinse. If you don’t have oil soap, vegetable shortening or rubbing alcohol can work, too.

Don’t forget, the right products can go a long way toward protecting your floors this holiday season. SpongeOutlet’s amazing Eraser Sponge is ideal for spot cleaning carpet stains, and our Melamine Floor Pads will get your whole floor nice and clean after the holiday season ends and you take down your tree. Happy Holidays!

How to Deeply Clean Your Dishwasher

How to Deeply Clean Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is arguably the hardest-working appliance in your kitchen, cleaning dirty dishes every single day. However, if you don’t give it a thorough cleaning every now and then, it won’t work properly. Dirt, old food and soap scum can clog it and affect its performance. What’s more, a dirty dishwasher can get pretty stinky, and is much less efficient.

Clean the door

First, clean the outside to remove dirt and fingerprints. An eraser sponge dipped in sudsy water is great for this task. Make sure you also clean the inside of the door, too, using a small toothbrush to get into the grooves. Once it’s clean, use a soft cloth to wipe it dry. You can also use the toothbrush to clean things like silverware racks inside the dishwasher.

Clean out the drain

Pull out your dishwasher’s bottom rack, and make sure there’s no debris that can clog the drain, damage the pump, or scratch your dishes.

Run two to three cleaning cycles

Start by putting a cup of plain white vinegar in the top of your dishwasher, and then run a cycle. The vinegar will wash away grime, remove odors, and sanitize. Then, sprinkle baking soda around the bottom of the appliance and run a short cycle using the hottest possible water, to further deodorize and remove stains. If you have problems with mold or mildew, try running another cycle with bleach.

With the use of the right products, your dishwasher will be sparkling clean in no time. SpongeOutlet sells top cleaning brands for less, helping you get the job done at a fraction of the cost. Browse our inventory of eraser sponges today!

How an Eraser Sponge Can Help Clean Up After Your Pet

How an Eraser Sponge Can Clean Up After Your Pet

Since we have been on the cleaning kick lately, we thought we would address cleaning up after your pet, especially with winter quickly approaching. We all love our pets and we want them to have fun, but sometimes that means having a mess to clean up on a daily basis.

Our pets daily activities often cause scuffs on the floors and marks on the walls, cabinets and doors. Dogs and cats also tend to make a mess around their food and water bowls and there are occasional accidents when we have been at work too long, or a misstep with the litter box that can leave a mess on the floor.

The eraser sponge is the perfect cleaning tool for homes with pets.

Instead of filling a bucket with water and soap and wetting a mop to wipe up the floors, an eraser sponge makes it easy to clean up spills, scuffs and dirty paw prints in a snap. An eraser sponge is simple enough for your children to use as well if you need the extra help! It’s much simpler and cheaper to teach your little ones how to help you tidy up after pets by using the eraser sponge.

Keep your eraser sponges handy and have your children watch you clean up the scuffs and marks left by your pets and encourage them to join you. After going through the simple process a few times, your kids will automatically reach for the eraser sponge when your dog comes in from outside with muddy paws.

An eraser sponge is your all-purpose cleaning tool for homes with pets. You will no longer need to struggle with the mess of a mop. Make the clean-up process easier and quicker so you can spend more time with your pets and children! For more essential cleaning supplies, visit Spongeoutlet today!

How to Have Spotless Walls

Perhaps you’ve been putting off cleaning your walls all summer and now you are shocked to see what wound up on them. Don’t put this task off any longer!  To help you out, we have put together a simple step by step instruction of how to remove any sort of mess on your walls to make sure they are looking great!

Step one: Eliminate any cobwebs

This is the part of cleaning we don’t like to think about since cobwebs tend to mean spiders. However, getting rid of huge clumps of dust, dirt or lint will make it easier for you to get at the stickier mess. To do this, use a cloth or a vacuum, depending on where the location is.

Step two: Eliminate any crayon marks

If you have children, crayons can go missing or get used for the wrong purposes. Check to see if you see crayon marks on any of your walls. If you do, make sure there are no clumps of crayon on the wall. Smearing large chunks can make your mess even bigger! Once the chunks are off, gently rub the area with an eraser sponge and the crayon will lift right up. Use a towel to spot dry, if need be.

Step three: Eliminate beverage stains

We have all opened a bottle of soda, only to have it fizz up to the ceiling and walls and what a mess it makes! To remove the stains, if you have a magic eraser, try using that first. It will save a lot of time and scrubbing. If you do don’t have one, then a mild detergent will be gentle enough to be used on stained walls.

You will find that after all of this hard work, your walls will look like new! If we have inspired to clean, visit our cleaning product supplies online and be sure to give us a call at 877-776-6430 with any questions you have!

Clean These Children’s Items With Our Eraser Sponge

Do you have children? If you do, chances are, they have accumulated many toys and belongings over the past few years. It can often be a tough chore to keep their belongings clean, but with an eraser sponge, it should be a little easier.

Here are five things that can be cleaned with everyone’s favorite products!

Action Figures and Dolls

Since the faces of the dolls are a soft vinyl, they can come clean pretty easily by just gently wiping them down so you don’t scratch the surface!

Grimy Sneakers

Children are notorious for running in the mud and splashing in every puddle they come across – especially now that they are headed back to school! Instead of buying new sneaks, just clean your child’s existing sneakers and they will think they are as good as new! To clean them, you won’t need much water with the eraser sponge, so you can put them on your child and leave right away instead of waiting for them to dry.


Now that school is starting again, you might not need to clean your child’s lunchbox right away since it’s probably new, but soon enough it will need a good cleaning. When you need to, wipe down the lunchbox with an eraser sponge to eliminate any build up.

Gaming Systems

If your child has been playing video games a lot over the summer, now might be a good time to clean everything while they are at school! While you shouldn’t use water on these consoles, a well rung out eraser sponge would do wonders when it comes to cleaning the console itself, the controllers, or even hand held games that get carried around.

Anything to do with babies

If you have a baby or toddler, chances are many of the items you use don’t stay clean for long. Cribs, highchairs, booster seats, diaper bags… the list goes on and on. It’s important to keep your baby’s belongings clean so why not use a simple tool to get the job done?

For all of your cleaning product needs, contact Spongeoutlet at 877-776-6430 or browse our products today!

Using Eraser Sponges to Fix Artistic Mistakes

Using Eraser Sponges to Fix Artistic Mistakes

Are you a painter? Do you sometimes make mistakes? Instead of tossing the whole project and becoming frustrated, you can use an eraser sponge to fix them!

In the past we have been sharing fun and even unique uses for your eraser sponges, but this one definitely takes the cake. From the time that eraser sponges have become popular, people have been searching for uses and tricks and you’ll want to give this trick a shot if you paint.

With water color paintings it is very easy to get paint where you didn’t mean to, and can also make it hard to change the overall look of the painting.

With eraser sponges you now have a way to do that:

-If you have something you would like to add to your water color painting, create a stencil of the object and place it on your painting wherever you want the object to be.

-Once the stencil is in place, take a small piece of an eraser sponge and wet it. Make sure to squeeze out most of the water.

-Once this is done, gently wipe the painting where the stencil is. This will bring up the paint and do this multiple times until the canvas or paper is blank again.

-Once you pull up the stencil, you will find that there is a perfect white spot in the shape of your object! This will make it easier to add in that shape or object that you couldn’t add in before.

-Before working on your project again, dry your painting or set it aside to dry naturally before continuing to work on it.

Who would have thought that eraser sponges would have such artistic uses? To order an eraser sponge for multiple uses, contact Spongeoutlet today at 877-776-6430 and shop our products online!

Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture Just Got Easier

With summer still in full swing, we want you to get the most out of your patio furniture until it comes time to store them again for the winter. You probably have been entertaining guests all summer long, so your tables and chairs might have the “lived in” look. Before your next gathering, take some time to clean your patio furniture so you can sit back and relax instead of inspecting each and every stain.

Not sure what to clean your outdoor furniture with? We suggest you grab an Eraser Sponge from Spongeoutlet. To see how it’s done, watch our video:

Always test a small area first before moving onto a larger one. You can use this sponge to clean dirt and residue off of chairs, tables and everything in between. These sponges won’t leave any hazardous residue or chemical odors behind and they are strong enough to use on nearly any grit, grime or dirt without comprising your surfaces.

If you stay on top of your summer cleaning chore list, chances are your summer will run more smoothly and be more enjoyable!

Get started today by ordering Eraser Sponges from Spongeoutlet. We will fulfill all of your cleaning needs at a low cost. For more information on the Eraser Sponge or any of the high-quality products we offer, contact us by calling 877-776-6430.

Stained Plastic Containers? Try Eraser Sponges

Your plastics will look brand new after giving your eraser sponge a whirl.

You just opened your dishwasher and all of your pots, pans, cups and plates are sparkling clean except the plastic container you put your leftover spaghetti sauce in the night before. It’s still coated in the same greasy red and orange oil it had when you first put it in the dishwasher. Or perhaps you have scrubbed and soaked the plastic container with soap and hot water but the greasy texture won’t seem to budge.

If the dishwashing detergents can’t cut through the grease along with the hot water and soap, then what can?

Thankfully it turns out that all you need is an eraser sponge from Spongeoutlet! These little miracle pieces of melamine foam can take out greasy, oily red pasta sauce stains. Your plastics will look brand new after giving your eraser sponge a whirl. Gently rub the stains with a damp eraser sponge, wash the item with soapy water and rinse clean.

There are countless uses for the eraser sponges, but if you have been contemplating whether or not you should toss your stained plastic containers, think again and give this handy trick a shot. Spongeoutlet is the leader of top-quality eraser sponges and other bulk cleaning supplies in North America.  We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders shipped within the continental U.S. We also ship to Canada. Order online today!