How to Clean Skating Arena Boards

Girl leaning against skating arena boards

If you manage an ice skating arena, you are familiar with the dark scuff marks, puck marks and stains on the boards surrounding the rink. They can be an eye-sore and difficult to quickly clean, especially during the busy season  when ice skaters and hockey teams are constantly using the rink. Here’s how to clean skating arena boards  and get those scuff marks removed.

Cleaning Scuff Marks on Arena Boards

Ice arena boards are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a type of plastic that is perfect for hard impacts and  freezing temperatures. Above the boards are plexiglass that allows visitors to see the action on the rink, but are protected from flying pucks and players.

Whether it’s a hockey rink, ice-skating arena, or roller rink, scuff marks tend to build up throughout weeks of non-stop use.  By using Sponge Outlet’s Cleaning Products, we ensure you will get the job done without using any toxic chemicals. One of the best products to use to quickly clean dasher boards are eraser sponges. Comparable to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, our eraser sponges can clean with just water and some light scrubbing to remove dark scuff marks and stains. But what eraser sponges are the best to use? Well you have several choices.

Eraser sponges for cleaning ice rink arena boards

Eraser Sponges for Cleaning Ice Skating Arena Boards

How to Use an Eraser Sponge to Clean Ice Skating Arena Boards

  1. Wet eraser sponge
  • Either run it under water or dunk it in a bucket, or spray using a spray bottle of water. Squeeze to remove excess water.
  • Gently scrub the scuff marks and stains with the eraser sponge to remove them.
  1. Wipe boards dry with a a 16”x16” Microfiber Towel
  • Wipe down the boards with the microfiber towel to remove any water droplets or remaining grime.
  • SpongeOutlet’s microfiber towels are heavy-duty yet safe for surfaces, so they won’t leave any scratches behind.
  • The cloths work perfectly on acrylic and glass for a streak-free shine.

If the Scuffs Are Tougher, Use This:

A Monster Scrubby Sponge might be a better option if the scuff marks on the arena boards are tougher to get off. This sponge is great for cleaning floors, walls, baseboards, and much more. Plus, it’s non-scratch which means it’s safe for surfaces like acrylic and glass.

Make your ice rink, hockey arena, or roller rink look better and cleaner with the best cleaning products.  Sponge Outlet offers non-toxic cleaning products that do not have the name-brand price tag but are also not cheap on quality or material. Our products are long-lasting and non-toxic for safe cleaning for you and your staff.