Understanding Eraser Sponges: Don’t DIY!

eraser spongeMost homeowners agree that eraser sponges are a staple when it comes to household cleaning supplies.

People swear by them, and with good reason. They can get almost anything out of any surface; there’s very little that an eraser sponge cannot do.

Eraser sponges are great and easy enough to obtain, yet with DIY becoming more popular, everyone wants to find a homemade solution for everything.

Some things, you just cannot replicate, like an eraser sponge.

Regardless, people try; you may even see some DIY eraser sponge tutorials on Pinterest. The quality, professionally made eraser sponges will get stains out of your walls, floors, and surfaces.

However, the DIY substance that you make based off a stranger’s advice is likely to just make a bigger mess.

The material used in these is referred to as Melamine Foam.

This is an efficient tool for removing stains, and it’s easy enough to obtain the material. However, executing the creation of a quality eraser sponge is much more difficult than a DIY project.

Trying to DIY with this particular project just isn’t worth the possible outcomes.

When using the sponges on your surfaces, remember to wear gloves for protection… from the water.

There have been many internet rumors about eraser sponges and their “danger”.

Fortunately, Snopes recently debunked the myth about eraser sponges being harmful, so there’s nothing to worry about as far as cleaning with them.

So go ahead, make eraser sponges a staple on your shopping list too.