Making the Most of Your Eraser Sponge

Making your Eraser Sponge last as long as it can!

We all know how nifty these little sponges are- they can clean just about anything and your house will not smell of chemicals afterward.

Permanent marker?

  • No problem.

Scuffs on the floor?

  • Easy.

But how do you make them last as long as possible, and get every pennies worth out of them?

EXTRA STRENGTH COMPRESSED ERASER SPONGEFirst, try cutting your Eraser Sponges into quarters- cut long strips along the width.

This will give you four times the scrubbing power, and that much more surface to work with!

Many of us think to automatically dunk our sponges into the water and then squeeze it out- but wait a minute!

There is a better way to do this.

  • Instead, try lightly misting it with water (using a mister or the kitchen sink sprayer). Do this instead of saturating it first- because this tends to make the eraser sponge shrivel up more.

Another tip is to lightly scrub with your Eraser Sponge.

The surface of these Sponges will require a lot less elbow grease, because of their unique surfaces. Also this will help you with the shredding.

  • The less you press it into the surface you are working on, the longer it will stay intact.

Lastly, when your Eraser Sponge starts to get a little gross, (after cleaning your toilet, sink, tub, etc.) simply spray it to rinse it out. This will help revive it a bit. Squeeze the excess out.

  • Do this until it begins to shred.

What’s another great tip for never running out of these awesome Eraser Sponges? Buy them in bulk.