Wax on, Wax off: Cleaning Your Car with Microfiber Towels

It’s springtime and the sun is shining, the only thing that isn’t is your vehicle.

All the dirt and filth from over the winter season has built up and taken its toll, and now you need to make sure to clean your vehicle spotless to avoid future issues.

Become the do-it-yourselfer, get outside, fill up the bucket with soap and water, and have your wax ready to go on the side.

One tool you’ll need to complete the car wash should be a microfiber towel.

Cleaning Your Car with microfiber clothMicrofiber towels are very high quality towels that are ideal for using on smooth and delicate surfaces that are susceptible to scratches, dust, dirt or debris.

Your car is something that you want to take care of and have look well because its appearance is an extension of you.

Microfiber towels will clean your vehicle best as the individual fibers and unique materials within them as this delicate, detailed clean is perfect for cars, windows, and interiors.

These towels lock in dust and dirt while soaking up water so that streaks and debris are never left behind on the fine finish of your car.

After you finish washing your car you can also use these towels to finish it off with a good waxing.

MICROFIBER TOWELS - RED (30 PACK)When using paint and wax finishes on car exteriors, dust shows up fast and can easily scratch your car because of these small particles left behind by a regular towel.

Also, while regular cotton or polyester towels the dust and dirt left behind will cause streaks in wax, whereas the microfiber towels will trap this dirt and take it completely off your clean car.

So, if you want the best clean for your car, purchase your order of microfiber towels at the Sponge Outlet today!

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