Shoe and Boot Cleaning in the Winter

The winter is here, and in many places, there will be snowy conditions. It’s always encouraged to not ruin our shoes and wear boots instead, but we still need to take care of them regardless of what they are. Here’s how you can clean those shoes or boots during the winter season.


Salt Stains in the Winter

With snow invading many areas of the country in the winter, salt stains can end up ruining your shoes or boots. For a simple do it yourself way, you can use this recipe to get rid of the ugly stains:

removing salt stains from boots

  • For leather boots and shoes, mix one parts water and two parts vinegar into a spray bottle.
  • Then use one of Sponge Outlet’s microfiber cloths to rub the solution into the leather shoes or boots.
  • After you do this, pat the boots or shoes off with our microfiber drying cloth to dry them.

Leather tends to dry out after using a vinegar solution, so once you’re done cleaning them, it’s advised to use a leather conditioner to preserve the quality of the leather boots or shoes.

For suede boots and shoes, you can use our eraser sponge to remove the loose dirt and debris. These will be great for cleaning off salt stains.

If You Don’t Have Salt Stains

There are times when you won’t have salt stains on your boots, but they’re still damaged from the wet conditions from the winter season. Wet suede boots are always annoying, but there is an easy solution. Use our eraser sponges to dab the wet spots on the material and let them dry out. Then, you can use a brush to get them back to its normal condition.

Get Your Microfiber Cloths and Sponges from Sponge Outlet

At Sponge Outlet, we provide the best cleaning products for whatever your needs are. We recommend you take care of your boots or shoes in the winter to preserve their condition. We take pride in our sponges and microfiber cloths because they remove the tough-to-get dirt and stains while being delicate on the material you’re cleaning.

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