Effectively Cleaning a Child’s Bedroom

Effectively Cleaning a Child’s Bedroom

Let’s face it. Kids can be pretty messy creatures when it comes down to it, which is why it’s even more vital that parents effectively clean their child’s bedroom.

In order to make sure your children is living in a clean space, you must give the room a thorough cleanse from top to bottom.

The idea of tackling this chore may seem tasking, but it’s a necessary evil. And it doesn’t have to be that bad. We’ve compiled some advice to help make it less overwhelming.

Here are some tips on effectively cleaning your child’s bedroom:

Scrub the Walls

A child’s bedroom walls are sometimes one of the most challenging tasks on your chore list to tackle. With any combination of crayon, pen, dirt, food and who knows what else, walls can be particularly challenging to clean. To tackle these tough spots, try using a microfiber cloth with water and a smidge of baking soda, or opt for one of Spongeoutlet’s eraser sponges, which make getting tough stains out easy.

Don’t Forget the Furniture

It can be easy to overlook that bedroom furniture needs some cleaning love, too. However, this is a key area not to pass up as your child touches the furniture often. For simple dusting, a microfiber cloth will do the trick. For tougher spots, an eraser sponge will be your go-to best bet – just be mindful to not harm the furniture’s material.

Spotlight on Bedding

Give your child’s bed a refresh by washing the bedding every two weeks. But the bedding isn’t the only part of your child’s bed that needs to be cleaned. Don’t forget to also give the bed’s frame a good wipe down as well using a microfiber cloth.

Make it a Family Affair

Even though you may be the adult in this situation doesn’t mean all of the cleaning should be all you responsibility. Get your little one involved. This will not only teach him or her how to pick up after themselves, but it’s also just plain nice to have some help.

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