Square Shoe Eraser

Square Shoe Eraser

Forget about disposable wipes and single-use cleaning solutions for your shoes. Sponge Outlet is offering a fantastic way to increase the lifespan of your footwear without breaking the bank. The Square Shoe Eraser is a practical way to clean your sneakers with ease.

Shoe enthusiasts and sneakerheads know how keeping your footwear clean is a constant struggle. Dirt, mud, and scuffs seem to appear almost out of no where, maintaining the pristine appearance of your premium shoes seems almost impossible. Don’t worry, Sponge Outlet has your back with a perfect portable way to keep your shoes looking brand new. Don’t be fooled by its name, Square Shoe Eraser is not just for sneakers, it can handle footwear of any kind. From leather boots to canvas flats this new effortless cleaning device is perfect for any type of shoes!

The Square Shoe Eraser is built to last made from durable materials and can be used multiple times. Save money and reduce waste at the same time!

Act fast if you want to keep your shoes looking fresh as can be as this is only available in a limited quantity for an unbeatable price! Order yours today and step out in style!

Effectively Cleaning a Child’s Bedroom

Effectively Cleaning a Child’s Bedroom

Let’s face it. Kids can be pretty messy creatures when it comes down to it, which is why it’s even more vital that parents effectively clean their child’s bedroom.

In order to make sure your children is living in a clean space, you must give the room a thorough cleanse from top to bottom.

The idea of tackling this chore may seem tasking, but it’s a necessary evil. And it doesn’t have to be that bad. We’ve compiled some advice to help make it less overwhelming.

Here are some tips on effectively cleaning your child’s bedroom:

Scrub the Walls

A child’s bedroom walls are sometimes one of the most challenging tasks on your chore list to tackle. With any combination of crayon, pen, dirt, food and who knows what else, walls can be particularly challenging to clean. To tackle these tough spots, try using a microfiber cloth with water and a smidge of baking soda, or opt for one of Spongeoutlet’s eraser sponges, which make getting tough stains out easy.

Don’t Forget the Furniture

It can be easy to overlook that bedroom furniture needs some cleaning love, too. However, this is a key area not to pass up as your child touches the furniture often. For simple dusting, a microfiber cloth will do the trick. For tougher spots, an eraser sponge will be your go-to best bet – just be mindful to not harm the furniture’s material.

Spotlight on Bedding

Give your child’s bed a refresh by washing the bedding every two weeks. But the bedding isn’t the only part of your child’s bed that needs to be cleaned. Don’t forget to also give the bed’s frame a good wipe down as well using a microfiber cloth.

Make it a Family Affair

Even though you may be the adult in this situation doesn’t mean all of the cleaning should be all you responsibility. Get your little one involved. This will not only teach him or her how to pick up after themselves, but it’s also just plain nice to have some help.

For more information about cleaning supplies and the benefits of cleaning with quality sponges, visit Spongeoutlet.

Keep Cool with Sponges this Summer

Little Girl with Sponge

With summer on the horizon, before you know it temperatures will be rising to a sizzle. Being in the scorching sun without any relief can be taxing. However, what better way to have some fun in the sun than keeping cool with your own do-it-yourself project.

Sponge water bombs are not only reusable and environmentally friendly, but also easy-to-make and a fun alternative to water balloons.

You can get started today on this fun addition to incorporate into your summer routine.

We’ll walk you through what you’ll need, and how to make these DIY water bombs.


Note: These instructions make 19-22 DIY sponge water bombs. Feel free to alter instructions based on your needs.


  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Dremel Tool


  1. Cut each sponge into 7-8 pieces along the shorter side of the sponge. Try to keep the width of each piece the same for each piece to maintain uniformity.
  2. Stack three pieces of sponge on top of each other. Add two more rows of 3-stacked pieces. You should now have nine pieces, stacked three by three.
  3. Pinch the center. Then, wrap the center of the 9 pieces with a zip tie, making sure the grooved end is facing the sponge pieces.
  4. Using pliers in your other hand, pull the zip tie to make it as tight as possible. The tighter, the better.
  5. Cut and remove excess plastic from the zip tie. Sand down any sharp points using a dremel tool.
  6. Now, it’s time to shape your sponge water bombs to be more round. Fluff and twist the sponges accordingly.
  7. Dip in water and have some fun!

Cleaning Instructions:

One huge perk of these sponge water bombs is that they are reusable, so the fun doesn’t have to stop after just one use. The bombs are dishwasher-safe. Another option is to dilute ¾ cups of bleach to each gallon of water in a bucket and soak the bombs in there.

This DIY craft originally appeared on Muslin & Merlot.

For more information on other uses of sponges, visit the Spongeoutlet.

Don’t Just Clean With Your Sponge


A good thorough cleaning is not just about what cleaning products you are using; it is also about the physical items you are cleaning with.

Not all cleaning solutions do the job they claim to do, but when accompanied by a great sponge, you have a much better chance of a greater clean.

Sponges are one of the most versatile, and one of the most used, cleaning products in both commercial and residential spaces.

You can use a sponge on just about every type of surface and they are a “go-to” cleaning product for many people.

For instance, our eraser sponges can be used for a variety of cleaning jobs.

While we are pretty familiar with the amazing cleaning benefits of a sponge, you wouldn’t believe the creative uses people utilize sponges for. Below are some really unique uses for a sponge:

Keep Fridge Odor Free

To eliminate fridge odors, sprinkle a damp sponge with baking soda and place in the fridge.

  • The sponge will absorb the odors so that it will keep the fridge smelling fresh for quite some time.

Chinese Eraser Sponges – Beware!Clean Hard to Reach Objects

For cleaning the bottom of those narrow vases and salad dressing bottles that you can never seem to get clean, cut a rectangle from a sponge and tape it onto the end of a chopstick for those hard to reach places.

Keep Plants Hydrated

To keep your potted plant’s roots moist, (let’s be honest, we are all guilty of letting them go to long without water) cut a piece of sponge to fit tightly in the bottom of the pot.

  • The sponge will soak up the water to keep the plant’s roots from drying up.

Send Out “Thank You” Cards

If you have a lot of of thank you cards or invitations that need to be mailed out, you can save yourself the time and the taste of licking each one by sealing the envelope shut with a damp sponge instead.

Make Yard Work Comfortable

You can make the task of raking or shoveling by covering the handle of the tool, wherever you grip it, with a sponge. You can tape the sponge onto the handle with duct tape.

  • This will make the handle much more comfortable to hold onto.

Spongeoutlet has a variety of great sponges as well as other cleaning supplies available at great prices. Trust the versatility of a sponge for all of your cleaning needs.

Cleaning Your Home During Winter Months

Winter Cleaning

If you live in a section of the United States where winter weather is nasty and the days are often dark, you understand that committing to household chores in winter can be difficult.

We are all guilty of crawling under the covers in the winter months when we should be cleaning our home.

It is important to clean our home throughout the winter months.

Below are some suggestions on what areas of your home deserve special attention as the season settles in.

Clean the Kitchen

We make more homemade meals as temperatures decline which means our kitchen is typically dirtier in winter months.

If you haven’t looked up at your kitchen ceiling lately, you are in for a surprise when you do.

magic erasers used in office kitchens

Our kitchen ceiling and our kitchen walls are soiled daily by moisture, fumes, and smoke.

Using your favorite Spongeoutlet’s eraser sponge along with some warm water mixed with dish soap, you should scrub the ceiling gently using very little water so it does not drip.

If you notice any streak marks as you clean, stop immediately.

Dust Regularly

Dusting can be a tedious chore but it can make a big difference when it comes to the overall appearance of our home and can help improve our home’s air quality.

Homes get especially dusty in the winter months because the air inside is much warmer and drier than usual from heaters and fireplaces. Dusting your home on a regular basis will make ensure that dust levels never get out of hand. Make sure you also dust hard to reach places including ceiling fans, moldings, and light fixtures.

You can use a Spongeoutlet’s microfiber cloth to clean off dust from any surface.

  • The cloths will not scratch surfaces and they will hold onto the dust as you go.

Vacuum Furniture

We tend to disregard our furniture when we are cleaning our homes and often clean around it. However, many of us do snack when sitting on our sofa.

We need to be periodically cleaning our furniture. You should make sure to vacuum under the cushions and get out any crumbs or other surprises.

  • You should also be flipping the furniture upside down, easily done with two people, in order to get under the furniture where a lot of crumbs reside.

Winterize Entrances

For many states, the winter means that snow, water, and mud are being constantly tracked into your home.

Designate a “winter doorway” where you can put down a thick mat outside where people can wipe their feet before entering. You should also have a chair or bench available for sitting allowing guests to take their boots off right away.

  • Place a rubber mat alongside it where boots can sit to dry.

By practicing some of these cleaning habits, your house will be better maintained throughout the winter months, making less work for you when spring finally arrives.

Visit Spongeoutlet for reliable sponges and microfiber cloths to get your home in shape for winter.

Stuff Loved Ones Stockings with Sponges this Holiday Season

If you’re struggling to think of the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones, struggle no more.

We are confident that nothing says “season’s greetings” like a gift bag full of sponges.

Eraser Sponges are Used on a Daily Basis

Everyone uses eraser sponges to clean dishes, microwaves, counter tops, and many other surfaces. People all have a constant need for sponge erasers because we use them daily.

From a tough scrubby sponge for hard to clean dishes to an eraser sponge to get our stovetop spotless, people use sponges multiple times a day. People have to purchase sponges to meet their needs. If sponges are gifted to them, they can leave buying them off of their “to-do list.”

  • Sponges are a practical gift that people will use. If you know someone that has just about everything, we bet they could still use a sponge. Problem solved.

Sponge Erasers Need to Be Replaced on Occasion

Many people do not replace their sponge eraser as frequently as they should. Eraser sponges get worn out and when they do, they don’t perform as well. Sponges eventually get dirt and although they can be sanitized, they should eventually be replaced.

  • Many people don’t replace their melamine sponges as often as they should.

They might recognize the need for a replacement but if they don’t have one at home and can’t get to the store, they likely keep using the old one.

If they are given magic eraser sponges as a gift, their replacements will be right at home and they can replace their old sponge for a new sponge as needed.

  • Although sponges do need to be replaced, they will still last longer than a box of ribbon candy would.

Magic Sponge Erasers are a Creative Gift

Most people don’t want another snowflake ornament, another tin of cutout cookies, or a bag of peppermint candies. The large majority of people would never go to a holiday gift exchange and expect to get sponges.

Have you ever arrived at a holiday party to realize that you bought the generic gift as three other people in the room did? If you arrive at a gift exchange with eraser cleaning sponges, you do not risk someone having the same gift as you.

  • You don’t have to worry about giving loved ones a gift that they have already gotten.
  • They won’t need to fight crowds at the store to exchange the gift you gave them because they won’t already have it.
  • You will really be doing them a favor, those crowds can be brutal.

Melamine Eraser Sponges Transport Easily

If you typically travel to your destination during the holiday season, you understand the struggle of packing the trunk of a car with breakable gifts. You likely drive for hours taking each turn with tremendous caution.

  • If you fly during the holiday season, you probably dread packing a suitcase full of gifts that won’t go over the airlines weight restrictions.

Sponges are lightweight and extremely easy to transport by car or plane. They cannot break while traveling if you hit a speed bump and they can easily be shoved into the crevices of a suitcase.

In case of emergency, they can also stand up to blustery blizzards.

Visit Spongeoutlet to get your holiday shopping done today. (Ribbons and wrapping paper not included)

How To Care And Keep Your Shoes Looking Brand New

Whether you are a male or female, you know what it is like to have a good pair of shoes fall below “brand new” quality and feel yourself die a little inside.

We’re here to give you some tips on how to clean your shoes and keep them in pristine condition for many years.

Shoes and sneakers can be the equivalent of art, especially when you have your favorite pairs and they cost you a pretty penny!

The care and cleaning of your favorite masterpieces doesn’t have to be hard, it just requires a couple items that you can order right online.

Sneaker experts suggest anything like these eraser sponges, which are great for removing those dark scuffs that you thought were now one with the shoe.

Guess again – these high quality sponges require no chemicals and with a little water, will buff those scuffs and skid marks right off your favorite pair of heels or sneakers.

You can also use these sponges to make the laces from your kicks look crispy and clean again.

One expert says to remove them from the shoe and place them in a bowl of water, or for whites, bleach, and let them soak.

  • After a few minutes, use your trusty eraser sponge to scrub out anything that wasn’t lifted. Voila!

The eraser sponges from Sponge Outlet are also a great tool to restore the bottom soles of your shoes to their former glory.

Some like to keep their soles in pristine condition and won’t wear them outside if the weather conditions are bad.

When you have an eraser waiting for you at home, you can wear your shoes in rain or snow without fear. Just come home, wet your sponge and buff off anything that might have accumulated on the bottom of your shoes.