Getting Christmas Tree Sap Off Your Floors and Vehicle

remove tree sap from your vehicle

The smell of pine in the air, the dusting of snow on the ground and the joy in your children’s voices as you choose a Christmas tree.

These are some of the best parts of the holiday season.

While there are few things more beautiful than a live Christmas tree decorated and displayed in your front window during December, there is nothing more frustrating than getting tree sap on your vehicle and floors.

Although it seems easy enough to wipe away when wet, tree sap leaves a sticky reside and hardens quickly into a gooey and difficult-to-remove mess.

Not only can tree sap be a pain to get off your hardwood floors, it can also cause damage the paint on your vehicle.

There are many families that no longer get a live Christmas tree just for this reason. Instead of opting for an artificial tree and lighting pine scented candles around your home around your home, enjoy the fragrant scent and unique beauty of a live tree without worrying about the sticky sap.

SpongeOutlet has everything you need to keep your home and car sap-free throughout the holiday season.

Our Eraser Sponge is perfect for spot cleaning, and our Melamine Floor Pads are great for scrubbing the whole floor after you take down your tree in January.

Tough on dirt without damaging walls, floors or the surface of your vehicle, SpongeOutlet’s products are perfect for the post-holiday cleanups. Just remember to spot test a small area before getting to work.