Tips for Cleaning Your Home for the Holidays

Now that December is here, your family is probably busy hanging decorations around the home, wrapping presents and preparing for guests to visit. Throughout this month, there is a lot of extra cleaning to do to and whether you are readying the guest room or wiping up the kitchen after making Christmas cookies, SpongeOutlet is here to help. Check out our holiday cleaning tips for an enjoyable and sparkly clean winter with your loved ones.

Do A Little Bit Every Day

Instead of panicking in the days leading up to your big holiday party, do a little bit of cleaning each day of the month to get your house ready for the holiday season. This way, you can just touch up areas like the bathroom and the living room on the morning of the festivities. Especially if you have a live tree or one covered in tinsel, we recommend quickly sweeping or vacuuming every evening to keep needles and sparkly strands of foil from ending up all over your home. This way, when it comes time to celebrate with your family and friends, you will be able to relax and enjoy your time together!

Brighten Walls and Surfaces

Looking to make every surface of your home sparkle and shine this holiday season? We recommend focusing on your walls, floors and countertops. The Eraser Sponge is perfect for cleaning scuffs and marks off of walls without compromising paint. It can also clean the toughest dirt and grime from your counters with ease, leaving you with plenty of time to build a snowman and bake your favorite holiday recipes.

Pay Special Attention to the Entryway

Make a great first impression this winter by sprucing up your entryway for guests. Organize coats and boots, scrub the walls with your Eraser Sponge and add a few holiday decorations to spread a little cheer. With a clean, cozy entryway, your loved ones are sure to feel welcome as they make their way in from the cold.

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