Keeping Your Desk Clean

Keeping Your Desk Clean

If you’re like most people, a clean, clutter-free workspace will allow you to be less distracted and ultimately get more done. Plus, with the office cold going around this time of year, it’s important to regularly disinfect!

But, many of us struggle to keep the desk area of our homes or offices completely neat and tidy. Here are some tips on how you can keep your desk clean, to help promote a successful, focused and germ-free workspace. Try a few of these out, and we bet you’ll start to get through your to-do list a bit faster!

Dust & De-Crumb

Chances are, the last time you gave your workspace a good, thorough cleaning (and not just a straightening up) was more than a couple of weeks ago. If you’re trying to maintain a clean, germ-free environment, regular cleaning is important. Start by creating a dusting regimen.

Every Friday evening before you leave the office (it can be Monday or Tuesday, or any day of the week that works for you), use a dust can and a microfiber cloth, to clean your workspace and rid the area of dust and crumbs from yesterday’s mid-day snack. You’ll thank us on Monday when your workspace is clean and tidy, and ready to help you tackle the week.

Magic Erase

For the areas that you touch most frequently, like the corners of your desk and the tops of your filing cabinets, take a magic eraser, to the area and gently buff away finger prints and other heavy grime. You might not think the area needs attention, but trust us, a little magic eraser will make your desk look like it’s brand new!


Once everything is erased, and dusted, it’s time to disinfect. Cnet says that keyboards can contain as much bacteria as a toilet seat—yuck! Unplug your keyboard and your mouse from your computer, remove any batteries that they might have, and give everything a once-over with a microfiber cloth and a bit of disinfectant spray. You can also use antibacterial wipes, or a sponge with warm water and a drop of antibacterial dish soap.

Keeping Your Desk CleanDon’t Forget: Computer Screens

Computer screens can get dusty throughout the course of the week. Gently wipe down your screens with a dry microfiber cloth, regularly. Microfiber is soft enough to remove any dust in the area without damaging your screens!

Don’t Forget: Computer Cables

Dust can also build up on your computer cables—when’s the last time you dusted everything underneath your desk? Build ups in this area can trigger asthma and allergies, and give your office and overall dingy feel. Make sure to tackle this area, every other week or once a month, with a microfiber duster.

In a Pinch: Scotch Tape

If you’ve got some leftover lunch crumbs on your desk or keyboard, but you’re out of desk dusting spray, wrap a few inches of scotch tape around your fingers, and use it to lift away pesky crumbs before depositing them in the trash.

Deep Clean: Remove the Keys

Apartment Therapy takes keyboard cleaning to the next level.  How clean is it, after all, if you haven’t checked under the keys? If your keys are removable, use a small screw driver to pop them off and dust and remove crumbs and debris from underneath. Before you pop off the keys, snap a pic of how it looked before the deep clean, in case you forget where the ALT and CTL buttons belong!

Desk Phone

Do you wipe down your cell phone a few times a week? Don’t forget your office phone! It’s probably dustier than it is grimy, especially if you usually use your cell phone to make work calls, but it needs special attention nonetheless. Unplug, and use an air canister or a microfiber cloth to remove dust.

MousepadKeeping Your Desk Clean

Spilled coffee on your mousepad lately? Flip it over to see if you can toss it in the wash; if not, use a cloth or a sponge with mild dish soap to get rid of any stains. And if it’s too far gone, consider asking your office manager to order you a new one!

Desk Calendar

If you have a calendar on your desk, there’s one thing you should know: cleaning underneath it is as important as keeping it up to date! Lift it once a week and wipe up any crumbs.

Bits & Bobs Tray

For those of you who tend to let things accumulate on your desk, a great way to keep it looking neat and tidy (and to make disinfecting a breeze) is to grab a tray from your local office supplies store to hold all your spare paperclips, business cards and push pins.

For more tips on keeping your life tidy and clean, visit our cleaning tips page. If you’re ordering cleaning supplies for an office (or like to purchase in bulk) call SpongeOutlet today at 877-776-6430.