Committing to a Clean Desk

Cleaning Desk

If you work in your own office, or even at your own desk space, you’re probably surrounded by office supplies such as pens, files, paper clips, and so forth.

Most of these items are covered in germs, and we often neglect them.

At the end of a long day, it can be easy to get up and leave work without cleaning up the space in front of you.

However, the common office items on your desk are probably dirtier than you think and deserve a little bit of attention.


Don’t have Forbidden Foods around.

We all eat at our desks on occasion, but it is important food of our desk as soon as we are done.

If you’re done drinking that cup of coffee, rinse out the mug. If you’re done eating the food in that bowl, get rid of it.

  • Food can not only stain desks and make for a messy work space, but it can also cause your desk to smell which will not sit well with your coworkers.

Use a little Elbow Grease

You might not want to wipe down your desk and disinfect it after an eight hour day of e-mails, meetings, phone calls, and otherwise, but wiping down your desk is the most effective way to keep it clean.

A damp paper towel is not enough.

  • Purchase a reliable eraser sponge, a good cleaning solution, clear your desk completely off, and wipe it down. This will help ensure that dust, grime, crumbs, and germs are eliminated.

Get rid of the Dreaded Dust

You’ve probably noticed that your desk, your keyboard, your computer, all get extremely dusty.

You want to protect your technology from dust settling in. You can easily wipe down a computer or laptop with a microfiber cloth. It won’t scratch the screen and it won’t leave behind small particles.

  • You also just dust the surface of your desk with a microfiber cloth as well to clear it of dust.

Clear the Clutter

If you want to clean up your desk space, consider “purging” a bit.

  • If you have 10 pens that don’t work, throw them out.
  • If you have pictures that have seen too many coffee stains, discard them.

We tend to keep things “just in case” but if you haven’t used that memo pad in four years, you probably don’t have a purpose for it.

Instead, consider giving it to someone else in the office that might need it.

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