Cleaning Your Tile Floors with Mop Head Pads

Cleaning tile floors with mop head pads

Having tile floors in your home is beneficial, especially since they are relatively easy to clean up unlike carpets. If you spill something on the tile floor, you won’t be as upset if you would’ve spilled a drink or food on the carpet. The key to cleaning a tile floor is getting the best cleaning product to absorb the most amount of liquid that was spilled.

Sponge Outlet is here to provide you with the best cleaning product for your tile floors.

Eraser Mop Floor Cleaning Pads

A 2-Layer Melamine Floor Pad is the perfect eraser product for your tile floors. The best thing about this product is that you only need water to use it. Our eraser mop floor cleaning pads will adhere to the Velcro on your mop, and the other side is a melamine eraser mop sponge that gets rid of scuffs, dirt, grime, and spills on your tile floors.

If you spill any other liquids or food on your tile floor, here is what you should do:

  • We the sponge and squeeze out the excess water
  • Gently rub the spill, dirt, stains, or scuff marks on the tile floor
  • Rinse the sponge with clean water
  • Squeeze dry and then store away

You may dispose of the mop head pad when it is worn out. You will get plenty of uses out of this mop head pad from Sponge Outlet.

The Benefits of Eraser Mop Floor Cleaning Pads:

Tile floors can be badly affected by other cleaning products when using different cleaning chemicals. Natural stone tiles like slate, granite, or marble may get their surfaces damaged by traditional cleaners. Our Mop Head Pads do not need any chemicals to be used with them when cleaning your tile floors. Just use water!

Sponge Outlet

Here at Sponge Outlet, we provide natural cleaning products leaving out the cheap-chemical products that many stores have. Our trusted eraser sponges, microfiber towels, and mop head pads can be used in many different cleaning situations. If your looking for a natural cleaning product to easily clean your tile floors, contact us at 877-776-6430 today!