Cleaning Your Home During Winter Months

Winter Cleaning

If you live in a section of the United States where winter weather is nasty and the days are often dark, you understand that committing to household chores in winter can be difficult.

We are all guilty of crawling under the covers in the winter months when we should be cleaning our home.

It is important to clean our home throughout the winter months.

Below are some suggestions on what areas of your home deserve special attention as the season settles in.

Clean the Kitchen

We make more homemade meals as temperatures decline which means our kitchen is typically dirtier in winter months.

If you haven’t looked up at your kitchen ceiling lately, you are in for a surprise when you do.

magic erasers used in office kitchens

Our kitchen ceiling and our kitchen walls are soiled daily by moisture, fumes, and smoke.

Using your favorite Spongeoutlet’s eraser sponge along with some warm water mixed with dish soap, you should scrub the ceiling gently using very little water so it does not drip.

If you notice any streak marks as you clean, stop immediately.

Dust Regularly

Dusting can be a tedious chore but it can make a big difference when it comes to the overall appearance of our home and can help improve our home’s air quality.

Homes get especially dusty in the winter months because the air inside is much warmer and drier than usual from heaters and fireplaces. Dusting your home on a regular basis will make ensure that dust levels never get out of hand. Make sure you also dust hard to reach places including ceiling fans, moldings, and light fixtures.

You can use a Spongeoutlet’s microfiber cloth to clean off dust from any surface.

  • The cloths will not scratch surfaces and they will hold onto the dust as you go.

Vacuum Furniture

We tend to disregard our furniture when we are cleaning our homes and often clean around it. However, many of us do snack when sitting on our sofa.

We need to be periodically cleaning our furniture. You should make sure to vacuum under the cushions and get out any crumbs or other surprises.

  • You should also be flipping the furniture upside down, easily done with two people, in order to get under the furniture where a lot of crumbs reside.

Winterize Entrances

For many states, the winter means that snow, water, and mud are being constantly tracked into your home.

Designate a “winter doorway” where you can put down a thick mat outside where people can wipe their feet before entering. You should also have a chair or bench available for sitting allowing guests to take their boots off right away.

  • Place a rubber mat alongside it where boots can sit to dry.

By practicing some of these cleaning habits, your house will be better maintained throughout the winter months, making less work for you when spring finally arrives.

Visit Spongeoutlet for reliable sponges and microfiber cloths to get your home in shape for winter.