Washing Your Car in Winter Months

Washing your car in winter months is just as important as washing your car in summer months.

Most mechanics will tell you that as part of your car maintenance, regular washing is important, especially in winter months when salt and sand covers the roads.

Washing your car in the winter can help preserve your car long-term. Washing in the winter is critical because you are removing all of the debris that typically rusts and rots a vehicle quickly, like salt, snow, ice, and mud.

It might feel bizarre to wash your car in relatively cold temperatures, but as long as temperatures aren’t below freezing, it is a task that will do your vehicle a lot of good.

In fact, you should be washing your car once a week in winter months.

Road salt often can result in a car rusting out if the salt sits on the body of the car for too long.  Not only does rust look bad on a car, it also eats away at the body and the under carriage.

Simply rinsing your vehicle with water won’t do the trick of removing built up snow and salt and you’ll need to scrub your car with soap and water, and thoroughly dry it after doing so.

The supplies you use will have a big impact on how clean your vehicle gets.

Our microfiber towels are a great tool to use for drying your car off after washing, which is a vital step in washing your car in winter months.

Due to cold temperatures, you need to be sure your car is completely dried off so water doesn’t freeze onto your car.


The benefits of using a microfiber cloth to dry off your car include:

  1. Microfiber does not scratch.
  2. It does not leave behind any soap residue.
  3. There is no need for additional towels to be used.
  4. Microfiber locks in moisture, leaving your vehicle 100% dry.
  5. Microfiber also locks in dust and other debris that may not have been washed off.
  6. The finished product is shiny and looks polished.

If you are planning to wash the salt off of your car as a part of preventative car maintenance, take a look at Spongeoutlet’s microfiber towels to make the job easier.