Clean Your Home to Maintain Your New Year’s Resolution

It is 2017 and many of us have made our new year’s resolutions that likely revolve around living a healthier lifestyle.

With health being the focus of the majority of resolutions made, many of us are doing our best to pay better attention to your physical and mental health and making changes to improve both.

Cleaning can positively impact your mental and physical health, and you might benefit by making a new year’s resolution about keeping your home cleaner.

Cleaning is not just a chore, it is a benefit to your overall health.

Diminish Stress and Depression

Both stress and depression negatively impact energy levels and mood. The stress hormone “cortisol” increases when stress increases.

To reduce this, researchers have indicated that chores and housekeeping duties on to-do lists will help combat the fluctuation of hormone levels.

  • Set aside a night when you’re not feeling well and dust those “neglected” items in your home with a microfiber cloth.

Form Healthier Eating Habits

The journal of Psychological Science has proven that a clean environment can encourage you to make better and healthier food choices.

Clutter is a natural stressor for the brain, which makes you more likely to eat unhealthy foods as a form of coping.

  • If your home is well-kept and organized, you’re more likely to prepare healthier food options.

Increases Productivity

A home that is dirty or cluttered can affect the ability of the mind to function at a high level.

If your home has a major “to-do” list, you’re not going to be able to concentrate on any other tasks.

  • De-cluttering has a positive effect on your ability to remain focused and finish other tasks at hand.

Improves Relationships

Living in a cluttered and messy home can create an atmosphere where emotions run high and people are easily irritated.

Some families are constantly arguing over who should be cleaning what instead of using that time at home to bond and spend time together.

  • Set up a daily routine of what needs to get done and who should be doing it so you can relax when it’s over. Stock up on eraser sponges so you can keep up with daily cleaning chores as a family.

Promotes Weight Loss

Cleaning can serve as a comprehensive workout.

You are bending, stretching, lifting and constantly moving when you’re cleaning.

  • If you aren’t a huge fan of working out or exercising, give your home a good scrub and you’ll be amazed at how physically tired you are at the end of it.

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