Cleaning Your New Home

If you have ever moved, you likely remember the stress of finding a house, the process of bidding on that house, the panic when you won that bid, and the chaos that ensued when you started to prepare for the move.

Moving into a home is a process and your first step should be to clean your new house.

Clean Where People Touch

The house you purchased was likely lived in by another family, in which case people often touched every surface of it.

Make sure you are disinfecting and wiping down everything and pay special attention to the items that might have been touched frequently by other people.

  • Make sure you clean the buttons on the appliances, the door handles, the light switches, and railings for example.

Get an anti-bacterial spray to make sure that these surfaces are free of germs and leftover grime from the family before you.

Clean Where You Normally Wouldn’t

An empty house is an opportunity to clean where you normally wouldn’t.

You should wipe down walls, clean out dirt and grime behind your appliances, disinfect the cupboards, and clean out the attic.

Although we all eventually mean to complete these projects, we rarely do once we are settled.

Clean those hard to reach places when nothing is in your way and your home is empty.

Focus on Your Floors

Floors that appear clean and fresh can make your home feel much more put together overall. Make sure you clean your floors thoroughly before putting your furniture inside.

Floors are also walked on constantly and are much dirtier than we want to believe, after all, they are being used constantly.

  • If you have a ceramic tile floor in your kitchen, you should consider using our Melamine Floor Pads in your home to get them looking brand new and ready to host.

Start From the Very Top

Microfiber Dusting Wand When you start cleaning your new home, you are going to be cleaning virtually every inch of it.

When you start cleaning, start with your ceiling fans and light fixtures and work your way down each room.

When you are cleaning ceilings and light fixtures, dirt and dust is going to fall down below you.

You don’t want to clean the floors first and have them soiled by the rest of your cleaning.

Start cleaning from the top of the room so you can get to the end and finish with cleaning the floors.

If you follow these suggestions, cleaning your new home should be simple. The sooner it is cleaned, the sooner you can get settled. For more cleaning advice, visit Spongeoutlet’s blog.