Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture Just Got Easier

With summer still in full swing, we want you to get the most out of your patio furniture until it comes time to store them again for the winter. You probably have been entertaining guests all summer long, so your tables and chairs might have the “lived in” look. Before your next gathering, take some time to clean your patio furniture so you can sit back and relax instead of inspecting each and every stain.

Not sure what to clean your outdoor furniture with? We suggest you grab an Eraser Sponge from Spongeoutlet. To see how it’s done, watch our video:

Always test a small area first before moving onto a larger one. You can use this sponge to clean dirt and residue off of chairs, tables and everything in between. These sponges won’t leave any hazardous residue or chemical odors behind and they are strong enough to use on nearly any grit, grime or dirt without comprising your surfaces.

If you stay on top of your summer cleaning chore list, chances are your summer will run more smoothly and be more enjoyable!

Get started today by ordering Eraser Sponges from Spongeoutlet. We will fulfill all of your cleaning needs at a low cost. For more information on the Eraser Sponge or any of the high-quality products we offer, contact us by calling 877-776-6430.