Unique Uses For Your Eraser Sponges

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eraser sponge

Cleaning is often a dreaded task, but with the eraser sponge; you can clean your kitchen and bathrooms with more ease and even teach the kids to use it, making household chores a bit more fun.

But one of the most exciting things about the eraser sponge is the discovery of uses that are quite unique, but extremely helpful to know about.

Removing pet saliva from windows and glass doors

For those of us who know what it’s like to have pets; dogs in particular love to press their little faces up against windows and glass doors, leaving saliva stains.

We pet owners recognize them immediately.

Use your eraser sponge to give your windows and glass doors a good cleaning to return them to their sparkling days.

Getting rid of green mildew on outdoor columns and siding

It’s the summertime season, and most families want to entertain outdoors. Green mildew that builds up on porch columns and vinyl siding can be quite unsightly.

  • Brighten up your porch or pool area with the eraser sponge.

It works wonders in bringing the shine and newness back to your white columns and siding, and ridding them of that terrible looking green, mossy, mildew.

Cleaning your glass stove tops

Glass stove tops are becoming increasingly popular. They create a modern and stylish look in your kitchen area. But they can also be difficult to keep clean. Between battling grease stains, food splatters, and finger prints; your glass stove top can appear years older than it actually is.

  • With the eraser sponge you can keep your glass stove top fresh and clean; and free of dirt, food grime, and finger print smudges.

Cleaning your car interior

That’s right; the uses of the eraser sponge never end. Eraser sponges are perfect for cleaning the interior of your cars. Your dashboard can be free of grease, ink, and smudges from those cute little kiddy hands and doggy prints.

  • The eraser sponge allows you to get into all the nooks and crannies, and restore your car interior back to its original beauty.

As you continue to use your eraser sponge around the house, on porches, patios, and other outdoor spaces; you will come up with your own unique uses for this magical cleaning product that will surprise you.

Be sure to share these discoveries with us; and we wish you, as always, happy cleaning!

Disclaimer: Please spot test to assure that eraser sponges do not remove the finish from any surfaces.