Keeping Your Desk and Keyboard Clean

clean desk

They say that the one place that you spend more time at then home is at work at your desk.

Think about it; you are there for eight or more hours per day. With this being said, keeping your desk clean is generally not the highest priority.

Chances are there are some very dusty corners, crumbs stuck in your keyboard or stains from last week’s coffee that spilled.

If you don’t have one in place already, we at SpongeOutlet recommend putting together a cleaning regiment to help keep your area nice and tidy each week.

Here are a few of the easiest things that you can do to help keep your area clean and yourself healthy.

First things first, establish an easy to follow schedule to clean your office cubical once a month at a minimum. Obviously if you have a major spill, don’t sit on it until the 1st of the month.

Begin by cleaning the dust from everything. Dust loves to settle on electronics, so clean those items first. For your computer screen, reach for one of Sponge Outlets Microfiber Cloths.

  • It will be able to clean off this sensitive area without leaving a scratch like a normal towel would.

Once you have cleaned your electronics off, try to tackle your desk next. Order a pack of our Eraser Sponges to begin cleaning with confidence that you will get all the grime off of your desk.

Our sponges will not leave residue from cleaning chemicals on your desk, like other wipes you have used in the past did.

A clean desk leads to a happy and more productive environment. Keep your area clean with the simple ideas above.

They will take barely any time and will make your work space a much more comfortable area to spend time in.

Looking to get your whole office clean? Order from Sponge Outlet in bulk to save!