Keeping the Paint on Your Walls Fresh

Has the paint on your walls become dull with age?

Or has your little one expressed their creativity with bright crayon marks across the playroom walls?

In either situation, maintaining fresh, bright paint can be a bit of a task.

But we at SpongeOutlet have a few suggestions to help bring them back to life!

Dust the walls with microfiber.

Our first trade secret is a simple one – just dust your walls. In many of your rooms, a simple dusting will help get rid of the dirt, cobwebs and dust that have stuck to the surface over time.

If you let the grime on your walls build up, it will surely shorten the life of your paint.

The fibers will lock in dust while soaking up any water used during cleaning so that no streaks are left behind.

We do not recommend using a regular dish towel on the walls of your home; they can leave so much debris that your walls may end up looking worse than when you began.

Scrub the dust-free walls with an eraser sponge.

If you have markings on your walls from chairs brushing up against them – or the aforementioned “artwork” – and need something a bit stronger to clean, we have the perfect product for you.

  • Our Eraser Sponge is the tool that you are looking for, and one that every home need!

This sponge can remove grit, grime and dust from your walls without compromising the paint.

And the best part is that it will not leave behind any hazardous chemicals or odors.

The next time you are looking around your home and notice that the paint on your walls needs to be cleaned up to bring back its fresh look, think of SpongeOutlet.

We have all the products you need to freshen up your walls with ease when they do get a bit dusty or grimy.

You can place your order online or by phone at 877-776-6430.

As with any cleaning products, remember to test on a small, discreet area before cleaning the entirety of your walls.